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Its berry season! Berries are one of the healthiest food around. Thought they are low in calories, they are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, making it an ideal meal option. Making berries a part of your breakfast can have significant impact on your health and energy levels for the day ahead. They will also help curb many chronic diseases when consumed in sufficient quantities.

Here are the top healthiest berries available on BigBasket:


Blueberries contain good amounts of fibre, vitamin C, and help control diabetes and reduce the risk of heart diseases by enhancing the function of arteries. Blueberries are available on BigBasket in dried and preserved forms. They are also the most favoured berries for jams and spreads.


They are the most commonly used berries around. They are also good for heart health and helps controlling blood sugar levels, hence preventing diabetes. Strawberries are best eaten fresh. Nevertheless, along with fresh strawberries, BigBasket also serves dried or dehydrated strawberries.


Raspberries are a very good source of fibre. They contain antioxidants that are effective in reducing stress and also beneficial for heart health. Get frozen and fresh raspberries on BigBasket. Preserved raspberries are also available in the store.

Goji Berries

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are known to have medicinal properties. They have high levels of vitamin A, helps in improving metabolism and increase blood antioxidant levels. Dried Goji berries are now available on BigBasket.


Yes, grapes are berries too! Grapes are classified as true berries as they are fleshy all through. Grapes are great at lowering both blood pressure and heart rate. If consumed in sufficient quantities, they may even help reduce blood cholesterol. You can buy your favourite type of grape on BigBasket in fresh and dried varieties.

Berry Products on BigBasket!

Other than these there are other berry products available on BigBasket like berry juices, berry teas, yogurts, jams and berry ice-creams. You can also get packets of mixed berries on BigBasket. Avail amazing BigBasket offers on your favourite berries and berry products! Buying berries has never been this easy and tasty, with BigBasket serving your favorite berries and groceries online at the comfort of your own bed you are in for a treat without any hitch in your plans

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