Exotic Cheese That You Can Buy on BigBasket

Name a food item that goes with everything from Parantha to toast, from omelet to boiled veggies and from pizza to dips.

Hint is the title of this blog post.

You are right, it’s Cheese!

And are your Euro Trip friends bragging about the exotic cheese that they had and how much they devoured it?

Well, you don’t have to sulk and feel sorry for not being able to get a taste of all those exotic cheese. Without any passport, hassle of Visa and cost of flight tickets, BigBasket offers you Exotic Cheese at your fingertips. We will tell you how.

Here are the Exotic Cheese that you can buy on BigBasket

Emmental Cheese

This savory Swiss cheese, known to melt easily, is perfect for those sauces that you want to prepare and grilled sandwiches you want to devour. BigBasket offers this cheese from Switzerland at discounted prices by using BigBasket coupons.

*Price: RS 260 per 100 grams

Monterey Cheese

Well, Europe isn’t the only continent with Cheese to die for. This American cheese is burrito favourite and has a mild taste that makes it versatile too. You can have this cheesy American dream at discounted prices by using BigBasket coupons and take a dip in its goodness.

*Price: Rs 315 per 100 grams

Guadamur Manchego

Guadamur Manchego is a Spanish cheese that has a distinctive flavour and buttery texture. It is an amazing snacking option as well and can be used as a dip. For any of crusty bread and pasta, it is a perfect fit, that won’t crush your pockets by using BigBasket Promo Code.

*Price: Rs 398 per 100 grams

Swiss Gruyere

One of the most popular cheese, Gruyere is sweet, but slightly salty. Used extensively with French delicacies, this cheese tastes different depending upon its age. It will melt beautifully on your pizza, without melting your pockets as BigBasket provides BigBasket voucher code to get the Swiss feel at the comfort of your home.

*Price: Rs 411 per 100 grams

Now that your taste buds can tour Europe and America at an affordable price, you should not make them wait. Get BigBasket coupon code from CashKaro and avail more discounts to satiate your cheesy desires.

Say, cheese!

*The prices mentioned may vary as per the deals and offers available on any particular day. Hence, these are not fixed prices.

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