Try Exotic Fruits from The Comfort of Your Home with BigBasket

For most people who visit the fruits section in any grocery store, it would be a very usual or dull experience. They get to see the same old apples, bananas, and oranges on display. But, there is a whole array of exotic fruits out there which you may have never seen before. You may not find these fruits in any grocery store. But you will surely find these on BigBasket.

BigBasket is India’s leading online grocery supermarket offering supplies and regular essentials to people all over the country. Yes, BigBasket allows you to shop for groceries from the comfort of your home. And the super popular BigBasket coupons offers you exciting discounts on your bill amount, which makes your shopping experience worth it.

Here are some exotic fruits which you can find on BigBasket.

1. Avocado

Did you know that the avocado is both a fruit and a vegetable? These pear-shaped (sometimes cucumber or apple-shaped) fruits are known for their exquisite flavour and creamy consistency which can be combined with any type of food. You can get this exotic fruit at unbelievable prices using BigBasket coupons.

2. Pomelo

Pomelo is almost like a grapefruit, only seven times bigger. The thick outer layer gives way to juicy citrus contents that make it better than its smaller cousin. Find this exotic fruit at unbelievable rates using BigBasket offers.

3. Passion fruit

This exotic fruit is known for its unique sweet and slightly tart flavour. It has its origin in Brazil but now is grown in various countries of Africa, Asia and South America. It is often used to make delicious desserts and juices. And the BigBasket offers surely make it a sweet purchase.

4. Star fruit

Also known as Carambola, this fruit has its roots in the Malayan peninsula. This fruit is named after its star shape and it has a unique sweet and sour taste. This fruit is dense in its nutritious values and antioxidant levels. Use your BigBasket promo code to get this fruit at amazing prices.

5. Dragon fruit

This is an exotic cactus fruit that has a pleasantly sweet taste and a gentle acidic flavour. The fruit has a delightful exterior with its colour ranging from hot pink to red. This fruit does not grow well in cold or hot areas, making it a rare treat. But, your BigBasket voucher code can be used to grab this unique fruit.

6. Longan

Native to Asia, the longan is a tropical fruit which bears remarkable resemblance in taste and texture to the lychee. It is quite popular because its season of availability starts right after the availability of lychees end. Longans are also said to have a lot of nutritional and medicinal benefits. The flesh of longans is juicy, musky and mildly sweet

Now, you can buy all these ecstatic exotic fruits at the lowest possible prices. Just use your BigBasket coupon code to order from CashKaro and enjoy guaranteed cashbacks on your purchases.

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