Wayanad is an extremely popular tourist location which is surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife. To one side, you’ve got the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. There’s also the Edakkal Caves which has ancient petroglyphs, some of which date back to the Neolithic Ages. Besides these, there is a lot Wayanad has to offer, but let’s first tackle the accommodation part.

Here are the best resorts in Wayanad:

After the Rains

Want to stay one with nature? There’s no better place than After the Rains. This is a 16-acre property dotted with cottages where you will have ample privacy. The resort also offers its own activities, meaning you’ll never be out of things to go. Head there now using Goibibo Hotel coupons from CashKaro and save on your travel!

Abad Brookside Lakkidi

Sit back and relax, for life at Lakkidi is like no other. You can have a blast relaxing here. Lakkidi is built amongst the mountains offering you a bountiful view of the lush mountain-side. You can relax in the pool or even take a quick hike around the property, seeing the wildlife here. Book your rooms now using Goibibo Hotels offers and receive awesome cashback!

Arayal Resorts

With world-class facilities, Arayal is one among the best to offer in Wayanad. It has an exclusive dining area with a perfect view of the waterside, your dinner will be made perfect. Arayal is sure to surprise you at every turn with their luxurious villas and stays and their hospitality. To experience this, book now using Goibibo coupons.

Banasura Hill Resort

Banasura is located on a 35-acre farm which is surrounded by forest cover amidst exotic flora and fauna. Banasura is India’s only mud-resort, the rooms having been made of mud, which is naturally cooling. This eliminates the need for an AC. To visit, check out CashKaro’s Goibibo Hotels promo codes and save!

Mount Xanadu

Xanadu has been described as paradise with a panoramic view. With different types of stays available, Xanadu is perfect for honeymooning coupons and also for families. You’ll get a brilliant view of Chembra Peak and lakes and rivers surrounding the area. To book, go to Goibibo and use Goibibo Hotel coupons while you’re at it.

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