Experience the House Full Sale at Grofers


Your go-to online supermarket, Grofers is the best place to buy all your kitchen needs. For some, grocery shopping could be a bit expensive, but to those, I say, “The House Full Sale is here!”

The Grofers House Full sale is where all essentials are being sold at extremely cheap rates. Every month, between the 1st and the 7th you’ve got the House Full Sale live. Here are 5 categories made better by the Grofers sale.

Household Items

You really can’t forego products like cleaners and detergents if you want to maintain a nice and clean house. Your bathroom and your kitchen really need products that’ll keep it sparkly clean and well maintained. Get it all on the House Full sale at Gofers using Gofers promo code.


There are definitely some cooking staples that all houses must-have, regardless of whether you’re a good cook or not. Stuff like atta, oil and ghee are essentials that your house literally cannot run without. Under the Gofers House Full Sale, you can get all these products at the best ever price. Use Gofers offers from CashKaro to get even bigger cashback on your purchases.


You can’t take filter coffee away from a south Indian just like you can’t take chai away from just about any India. The beverages section has all your favourite brands and types of coffees, teas and other energy drinks. Stock up now using the Gofers House Full Sale.

Home and Kitchen Equipment and Utensils

You really cannot cook without a saucepan, can you? Or have a drink without a glass? This section takes care of that. Get all your cookware and other utensils sorted out. Buy it on the House Full sale and get unimaginable discounts for your purchases.

Noodles, Sauces and Instant Food

You can’t enter the house of a bachelor without seeing at least one stray maggie packet lying around. Other items like sauces to put on bread and your pasta is also available here. Buy it now using Gofers promo code from CashKaro.

At CashKaro, we have a lot more Gofers offers waiting for you. Just head to our website now to check it out.

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