Explore The Best Beaches in Pondicherry For A Revitalizing Experience

Experience a French trivia down India’s eastern coastline in Pondy a.k.a. Pondicherry. A French colony in the past located by the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is a paradise of unspoiled beaches, literature, art, spirituality, and scenic views. The bohemian chic vibes and the old-world charm add essence to Pondicherry’s gleaming past. Go to the union territory now with MakeMyTrip coupon codes from CashKaro and receive awesome cashback!

From lazing up in the sun to delving in some adrenaline pumping water sports, Pondicherry must be your next pick for a holiday. A perfect retreat to explore spirituality, its time you explore the aesthetic beaches of Pondy.

Why Go there?  Heritage | Scenic Beauty | Adventure
Ideal For: Adrenaline Buffs | Spirituality Seekers | Art and Literature Explorers | Couples and Honeymooners | Students | Beach Lovers
Trivia: French Memorials | Auroville Centre | French Cuisine | Handicrafts | Beaches
Things To Bring Back: Handicrafts | Home décor | Spices

Beaches In Pondicherry: List Of The 6 Best Beaches In Pondicherry

Beaches in Pondicherry Distance from the Airport
Promenade Beach 148.4 Km
Auroville Beach 144.8 Km
Serenity Beach 147.2 Km
Paradise Beach 162.9 Km
Mahe Beach 151.5 Km
Karaikal Beach 258.8 Km

Detailed Guide To The Best Beaches In Pondicherry

1. Promenade Beach – Best Beach in Pondicherry

Promenade Beach

An elegant waterfront subtly sitting midway through the shore makes you forget those international beachy destinations. At the Promenade beach, you can hear the roaring waves creating a musical effect when they meet the rocky shore.

The Promenade Beach is located in the close proximity of Colonial French villas, war memorials, statues and heritage. The beach has a rule wherein the vehicular traffic is barred from entering the premises. While you have gazed at Promenade Beach’s beauty, don’t forget to try the French delicacies at some authentic contemporary cafes by it.

Distance from the Airport: 148.4 Km

Things To Do At Promenade Beach:

  • Visit the seaside memorial
  • Explore the Kargil War Memorial
  • Explore your hobbies at Aura
  • Visit the Pondicherry Museum
  • Stroll at the Bharati Government Park

2. Auroville Beach – Picturesque Beach in Pondicherry

Auroville Beach

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, Auroville Beach’s splendour lies in its pristine waters and unrivalled mystique.

You can find several hues of colourful shells and volcanic sands that make the entire view even more alluring. If you are ready to escape into an unperturbed serenity to soak in the scenic beauty of the ocean and the landscapes, then Auroville Beach must be your next hideout in Pondicherry. You can swim in the sea or relish lip-smacking French and South Indian delicacies while at Auro beach a.k.a the Auroville Beach.

Distance From The Airport: 144.8 Km

Things To Do At Auroville Beach:

  • Swim in the peaceful waves of the sea
  • Surfing (Beginner to Professional Level)
  • Visit the Matrimandir
  • Go for café hopping
  • Stroll at the Auroville Botanical Gardens
  • Learn the art of yoga and meditation

3. Serenity Beach – Romantic Beach in Pondicherry

Serenity Beach

It’s time you forget Goa and head to this new-age beach town. If you wish to capture romantic vibes, then you must visit the Serenity beach to create some everlasting memories with your love.

Witness a beautiful sunset subtly cradling into the lap of the colossal sea while you take a boat ride. Take a stroll by the stretched shoreline and experience the magic of the crisp breeze. Well, that is not all! If you and your partner are adrenaline junkies, then Serenity beach has a lot to offer you. Enjoy the sport of surfing, canoeing and kayaking with your partner.

Distance From The Airport: 147.2 Km

Things To Do At Serenity Beach:

  • Go for water sports
  • Shop at the Serenity Beach Bazaar
  • Seek blessings at Arulmigu Manakula Vinaynagar Temple
  • Experience relaxation at Keralaa Ayurveda
  • Go for story-walking tour of the French Quarter of Pondy

4. Paradise Beach – Peaceful Beach in Pondicherry

Paradise Beach

Visit Paradise Beach, one of the most peaceful beaches in Pondicherry. Here, all you can hear are the gushing waves and the sounds of the chirping birds. Take a closer look into nature’s bountiful surprises. The golden shimmery sand and the crystal blue waters make for a heavenly site.

You can also enjoy a ferry ride that takes you a few miles away from the sea to gaze at the divine landscapes.

Distance From The Airport: 162.9 Km

Things To Do At Paradise Beach:

  • Visit Storytrails Pondicherry
  • Learn the art of surfing at the best surfing schools
  • Attain spirituality at the Varadaraja Perumal Temple
  • Climb the tree trails
  • Go for a family boat ride

5. Mahe Beach – Scenic Beach in Pondicherry

Mahe Beach

If you are up for doing something unconventional, then you must visit Mahe Beach. Offering some of the most scenic views, Mahe beach is perfect for peace lovers and photographers.

Spend some quality time with yourself in those tranquil surroundings at the Mahe beach. With no shacks or street vendors at the beach, you can also take your own food to enjoy a picnic. You can also hire a fishing boat for a day and visit the Dharamadam island for a thrilling fishing escapade.

Distance from the Airport: 151.5 Km

Things To Do At Mahe Beach:

  • Explore the Cluny Embroidery Centre
  • Shop at Janaki
  • Explore the handicrafts at Domus
  • Rejuvenate at Le Green Day Spa
  • Take a Pondy cycle tour

6. Karaikal Beach – Cleanest Beach in Pondicherry

Karaikal Beach

At the Karaikal beach, you can witness the clear blue sky meeting the mighty Bay of Bengal. While all the beaches in Pondicherry are ultra-clean, but Karaikal beach wins the race of the cleanest beach in the entire South Eastern Tamil Nadu.

Gifted with a natural allure, Karaikal beach is perfect to unwind yourself from the stress of the city life. The cool breeze sets the experience apart while the palm trees give a relaxing shade. Visit the Karaikal beach with friends or family and enjoy sporting activities like volleyball, canoeing or kayaking here.

Distance From The Airport: 258.8 Km

Things To Do At Karaikal Beach:

  • Seek blessings at Saniswaran Temple
  • Relax at the nearby spas
  • Explore your inner-self at the recreational centres
  • Sip coffee by the bay
  • Visit lighthouse
  • Walk in the park

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