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If you are tired of the bachelor life and half-cooked breakfasts here’s some good news for you! McDonalds offers some really inexpensive and yummy breakfast options that you can get from your nearest McDonalds outlet!

So make use of the McDonalds coupons listed on CashKaro and get ready to have some of the finest breakfast meals without burning a hole in your wallet!

Egg and Cheese McMuffin

What better way to start your way than with the classic Egg and Cheese McMuffin! The cheese wraps the egg patty and tastes pretty good. Combine this with a cup of coffee or tea and you’re ready to slay the day. This is one of the most sold breakfast items from McDonalds all over the world.

Sausage McMuffin

The Sausage McMuffin is here to fulfill all your protein intake for the day, all thanks to it’s chicken patty. It is a fact that proteins take the most time to break down which means you’ll be having a full stomach till lunch and won’t have to worry about embarrassing borborygmus!

Veg McMuffin

If you’re a vegetarian who is looking for a quick morning bite then you should definitely try the Veg McMuffin. The patty is made from veggies like spinach, corn, etc making it a healthy and tasty pick to start your day with.

Hot Cakes

If you’re in the mood for a change in your breakfast then you should order Hot cakes using McDonalds coupons by CashKaro. After tasting these amazing pancakes coupled with butter and maple syrup, you’ll really know what a satisfying breakfast feels like.

Veg Supreme McMuffin

If you feel that the Veg McMuffin is too small and one is just not enough then you should definitely get a Veg Supreme McMuffin. It is similar to the Veg McMuffin in taste but that’s where the similarities end, it’s size is what makes it different from the latter.

Masala Scrambled Egg

Nothing screams Indian more than having some Masala Scrambled eggs for breakfast. It’s a different take on the classic McEgg, instead of putting an egg patty in between the buns McDonald has used a different approach.

These breakfast picks are not only healthy but also have a really great taste and will make sure that you have enough energy to do all your daily tasks with ease. So make use of the McDonalds offers and order one of the items mentioned above to have a healthy and yummy start!

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