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About Kolhapur

Located on the West corner of Maharashtra, Kolhapur is situated on the banks of river Panchganga. Established by Tarabai in 1907, the city is also alternatively spelled as ‘Colapore’. Taken over by the British during the 19th century, Kolhapur was later merged with the Bombay State in 1949. This city with a rich religious history also has a mythological context to it. According to a legend, the city of Kolhapur is said to be named after the demon Kolhasur, who was killed by Goddess Mahalaxmi. While dying, Kolhasur wished to name the place, where he was killed after him and hence the city was named Kolhapur – Kolha (Kolhasur) + Pur (City).

Kolhapur’s local cuisine consists of delectable mutton dishes as well as Kolhapuri Misal and Kolhapuri Bhel that are worth drooling over, while the Marathi language spoken here has some Kannada influence too.

Why go there: Religious History | Shoppers Paradise
Ideal for: Everyone
Trivia: Kolhapur is often referred to as Dakshin Kashi for its rich religious history. (While the word Dakshin means South, Kashi is a holy city in Northern India.)
Things to bring back:  Kolhapuri Chappals, Sarees, Kolhapuri Saaj and Jaggery

Top 9 Places to visit in Kolhapur

9. Mahalaxmi Temple

This huge shrine dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi (Goddess of Prosperity) is one of the 108 Shakti Peethas mentioned in the various Puranas of Hinduism. A prominent tourist attraction of Kolhapur, this temple was built in the 7th century and was brought into light by King Karandeo. The temple is adorned with the architecture of the Chalukya Empire. The temple is believed to be the divine abode of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu, and one of the six sacred houses of Shakti where worshipers are either freed from or granted their longings.

Distance from the City: 3.1 Km
Time required: 4 – 5 hours
Ideal for: Religious People
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year

8. Jyotiba Temple

Located at a height of 3124 feet above sea level, this temple is dedicated to Jyotiba (Monk Dattatreya) who is considered to be an incarnation of the Hindu Triumvirate – Lord Brahma (God of Creation), Lord Vishnu (Protector of the Universe) and Lord Mahesha (Shiva – God of Destruction) and their creation Jamdagni. Perched atop a hill overlooking the city of Kolhapur, this temple is encircled by the mountains covered with green and black rocks. It is believed that the Gods took the form of Jyotiba to destroy the devil Ratnasur and helped Mahalaxmi fight the demons.

Distance from the City: 21.1 Km
Time required: 2 – 3 hours
Ideal for: Religious People
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year

7. Siddhagiri Museum

A one of its kind in Kolhapur, Siddhagiri Museum gives you a glimpse of the ancient day Maharashtra and the culture that prevailed back then. Located at a campus built around the Moola-Kaadsiddheswar Shiva temple, this museum showcases the different aspects of life led by the villagers at Kolhapur. With over 300 wax statues and 80 depictions of the village life, this museum is spread over an area of 7 acres, surrounded by lush greenery and spectacular views of the countryside.

Distance from the City: 13.5 Km
Time required: 6-7 hours
Ideal for: History Buffs | Photo Fanatics | Experience Seekers
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year

6. Panhala Fort & Botanical Gardens

Panhala Fort popularly known as Panhalgad (meaning ‘home of the serpents’) is located in Panhala, overlooking a pass in the Sahyadri Mountain Range. A trekker’s paradise, this place is a must visit if you love visiting historic monuments and ruins. Home to several monuments and ruins, this fort is adorned with ramparts, parapets, bastions and motifs of different dynasties that had ruled the fort. A sight to behold, the views from this fort are even magnificent. Do visit the Botanical Gardens located in the fort premises.

Distance from the City: 25.7 Km
Time required: 6-7 hours
Ideal for: History Buffs | Photo Fanatics
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year

5. Rankala Lake

Covering an area of 107 km, this lake is surrounded by Chowpati, green gardens and smooth pathways where you can relax for a while, enjoy nature to your heart’s fill or walk by the lake side in the evening. You will also find many local vendors selling ‘Bhel-Puri’, ‘Ragada Patis’ and other delectable street snacks like roasted corn. Apart from offering the visitors a picturesque view of the lake, Rankala is also famous for horse riding and boating.

Distance from the City: 4.5 Km
Time required: 2 – 3 hours
Ideal for: Nature Lovers | Photo Fanatics
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year

4. Rautwadi Waterfall

A great offbeat destination to pay a visit, Rautwadi Waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and promises to offer some picturesque natural views to its visitors. Enjoy the cool water, falling from a height of 100 ft, splashing on the rocks below along with some hot corn during the monsoon time. We’re sure you’ll love and cherish each moment that you’ll spend at these waterfalls.

Distance from the City: 60 Km
Time required: 1 – 2 hours
Ideal for: Nature Lovers | Photo Fanatics
Best time to visit: June – September (Monsoon) | November – February (Winter)

3. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, earlier known as Dajipur Wildlife sanctuary is a great offbeat getaway for people who visit Kolhapur. Located at the southern end of Sahyadri Hills, this place occupies an area of 351 sq. km. and is a home to 425 species of plants, 47 species of mammals, 59 species of reptiles, 264 species of birds and 66 species of butterflies. Along with these, the sanctuary also supports tropical evergreen forests and houses many species of amphibians too. An enthralling journey for trekkers and adventure seekers alike, you can even enjoy your time there, participating in the camping activities, gazing at the stars or being part of the jungle safari.

Distance from the City: 75.7 Km
Time required: 4 – 6 hours
Ideal for: Nature Lovers | Photo Fanatics |Wildlife Enthusiasts
Best time to visit: October – March

2. Ramling Caves Temple, Palsambe

Located in Palsambe, Ramling Cave Temples are monolithic temples within the cave structures. Surrounded by lush green covers of medicinal origin, this site is believed to be the place made by the Pandavas where they performed their ‘Tapascharya’. Offering an enchanting spectacle, this place is truly a photographer’s paradise.

Distance from the City: 25.6 Km
Time required: 1 – 2 hours
Ideal for: Nature Lovers | Photo Fanatics
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year

1. Street Markets of Kolhapur

For truly awesome Kolhapuri stuff and indulging in great local taste, visit the street markets of Kolhapur:

  • Shahupuri Market (Famous for jaggery)
  • Bahusinghji Road (Famous for Kolhapuri Chappals)
  • Mahadwar Road (Famous for clothing and accessories),
  • Shivaji Road (Grab on some western and ethnic outfits)
  • V R Plaza Chowk (Famous for its Kolhapuri Saaj)

A perfect getaway for the shopaholics out there, you can get all the traditional Kolhapuri stuff at quite cheap prices here.

Time required: 5 – 6 hours
Ideal for: Shoppers
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year

Other Places To Visit In Kolhapur:

  • Kopeshwar Temple
  • Shahuji Chhatrapati Museum
  • Ujlai Devi Temple
  • Gagangiri Maharaj Math Temple

How To Reach Kolhapur

Getting In

Flight | Bus

Nearest Airport


  • Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj Airport


  • Pune International Airport
  • Goa International Airport

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Nearest Bus Stops:

  • Central Bus Stand (CBS)
  • Rankala Bus Stand
  • Sambhajinagar Bus Stand
  • Kolhapur Municipal Transport (KMT)

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Where To Stay

Citrus Kolhapur | Hotel Radiant | The Pavillion Hotel

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Places To Visit Nearby:

  • Goa (216 km)
  • Mumbai (378 km)
  • Pune (234 km)

Hidden Gems

Visit Kalamba Lake, a beautiful lake that serves as a migratory spot for many birds every year.

CashKaro Recommendations

Once in Kolhapur, do not miss the authentic taste of Missal that you’ll be able to experience only in the city of Kolhapur.

Fun Ways To Travel

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