Exploring Ancient Kurukshetra: 7 Places to Visit and Things to Discover

About Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is believed to have existed even before the ancient Harappan civilisation. The place is considered a holy destination as there is a widespread notion that it was at Kurukshetra that Krishna narrated the holy Bhagvad Gita to Arjuna.

Also known by the erstwhile name ‘Thanesar’ or ‘Sthaneswar’, Kurukshetra had been a place of learning and Vedic period settlements. As per ancient scriptures, Kurukshetra served as an alma-mater for Hindu structures and Rig Veda doctrine generation.

Located In: Haryana, India
Why Go There: Heritage| History | Considered Holy
Ideal For: Religious Trips |Medieval Architecture Site Trips
Trivia: Kurukshetra is known as “Land of Bhagwad Gita”

Places to Visit in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra can be considered a historian’s watering hole as the place is dotted with several sites of religious and historical significance. Below is a list of places every traveller should visit:

7. Bharmasarovar


It is Asia’s biggest man-made bathing tank. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Bharmasarovar was called ‘Mini sea made by man’ by Emperor Akbar’s historian Abul Fazl. The tank is flocked by pilgrims during solar eclipse as it is believed that taking a dip in its waters is equivalent to conducting an Ashwamedh Yajna.

The Purushotam Bagh, situated at the center of the tank is adorned with a huge bronze chariot which is considered as the world’s largest chariot. The festival of Gita Jayanti is celebrated with great fervour at the Bharmasarovar. Baba Nath’s temple and Birla Gita temple are other attractions located close to this site. The site is also visited by migratory birds during winters and is great a sight.

Distance from the city: 9 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people | Historians
Best time to visit: November- December
Location: Navigate 

6. Jyotisar


This place assumes significance as it was at Jyotisar that Lord Krishna delivered Bhagwad Gita to Arjuna to prepare him for the Mahabharata war with the Kauravas. The site also has a banyan tree which is believed to the banyan tree which witnessed Gita teachings. A statue of Krishna perched atop a marble chariot and placed under the banyan tree is the most important place in Jyotisar.

Distance from the city: 12 km
Time required: 1-2 hours
Ideal for:  Religious people | Historians | Lord Krishna followers
Best time to visit: All year round
Location: Navigate

5. Krishna Museum


The museum was founded in 1987 and has several artefacts of Krishna and his various forms. The museum houses six galleries which depict Krishna’s incarnations as mentioned in Bhagavata Purana and Mahabharata. The artefacts in the galleries exhibit exclusive paintings, sculptures and other archaeological artefacts which are simply exquisite.

Distance from the city: 9 kms
Ideal for:  Religious people | Historians | Lord Krishna followers
Best time to visit: All year round
Location: Navigate

Temples To Visit In Kurukshetra

4. Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple


There is a popular belief that it was at this temple that Pandavas obtained the blessings of Shiva. The tank in the temple is said to have healing attributes which is believed to have cured Banasura’s leprosy. A very old statue of Shiva Linga is present in the temple and is said to be the foremost idol of Lord Shiva in phallic avatar

Distance from the city: 8 km
Ideal for:  Religious people | Lord Shiva worshippers
Best time to visit: All year round
Location: Navigate

3. Bhadrakali Temple


This temple assumes significance as it is believed that it was at this place that Pandavas offered prayers before the epic battle of Mahabharata. A shakti peeth, the temple is also an abode to Goddess Kali and her many forms.

Distance from the city: 8 km
Ideal for:  Religious people | Lord Shiva worshippers
Best time to visit: All year round
Location: Navigate

2. Sannihit Sarovar


Believed to be an abode of Lord Vishnu, Sanhit Sarovar is the place where all the seven veins of Saraswati river meet. It is believed that taking a holy dip in the waters of Sarovar during eclipse time is said to shower similar fortune gained by performing the Aswamedha yajna.

Distance from the city: 9 km
Ideal for:  Religious people | Lord Vishnu worshippers
Best time to visit: Eclipse period
Location: Navigate

1. Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre


This place is a major tourist attraction which gives a detailed account of the epic Mahabharata and the various secrets of science. The two-storey building gives people an opportunity to explore India’s rich and diverse heritage pertaining to technology, culture and scientific knowledge. The museum is known for its life like view of the epic Kurukshetra battle and houses a science museum.

Distance from the city: 1.5 km
Ideal for:  Everyone
Best time to visit: All year round
Location: Navigate

Things to do in Kurukshetra


Besides its historical grandeur, Kurukshetra is known for its handlooms and pottery. One can go shopping for sarongs, robes, shawls as well as embroidered clothes in the town. The Phulkari weaving style is unique to Kurukshetra and a popular weave in demand.

How to Reach Kurukshetra

Nearest Airport:
Delhi International Airport (179 km away)
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Nearest Railway Station:
Kurukshetra Junction Railway Station (located 2km away from main city)

Nearest Bus Stop:
State as well as local bus services connecting adjoining cities of UP, Punjab and Delhi-NCR region
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Where to Stay in Kurukshetra 

Hotel Saffron | Hotel Pearl Marc| Motel Golden Saras| Hotel Kimaya
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Nearby Places to Visit

  • Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb (6.7 km)
  • Shrikrishna Museum (6 km)
  • Saraswati Wildlife Sanctuary (40 km)
  • Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary (20 km)
  • St Paul’s Church (53 km)
  • Karna Lake (36 km)
  • Rani Ka Talaab (12 km)
  • Bhawani Amba Temple (57 km)

Hidden Gems

  • As a history lover, you should visit the Bhishma Kund, a water reservoir which is dedicated to Bhishma, a prominent father figure in Mahabharata who is believed to have laid in this place, on a bed of arrows. This happened after a fierce encounter with Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata.
  • You should definitely include Kos Minars in your travel itinerary. Also known as ‘mile pillars’, Kos minars were built by Mughal emperors for traveling and communication purposes.
  • A place of archaeological significance, Raja Harsh ka Tila is a kilometre-long mound which when excavated revealed remains from the 7th century, a period when Raja Harshvardhan was the ruler of the region.

CashKaro Recommendation

  • Besides the many museums, reservoirs as well as temples, one must visit the Pipli zoo for some fun times. Known for its black buck breeding, the zoo is a must visit place for children and animal lovers.
  • One can adore the beautiful and pristine Karna lake which is located about 36 km from the Kurukshetra town.

The Most Fun Way to Travel

Travelling by is a fun experience. One gets the flexibility to travel by leisure and savour local cuisine by eating at food joints along the highway.

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