What is Famotin?

  • Famotin belongs to group of drugs called as “Histamine H2 receptor antagonist” which are used for the treatment of acidity, heart burn, stomach ulcer etc.
  • The active ingredient of Famotin is “Famotidine” which is available in tablet form for oral administration.
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Uses of Famotin:

  • Gastroesophageal reflex disease (GERD)
  • Gastric ulcer
  • Duodenal ulcer
  • Erosive esophagitis
  • Stress ulcer
  • Zollinger Ellison syndrome
  • Heart burn
  • Indigestion
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Decolgen Composition


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How does Famotin work?

  • H2 blocker antagonises the action of histamine at gastric H2 receptor sites thus inhibiting the secretion of gastric acid in stomach and minimizing acidity.

How to Take Famotin?

  • Famotin is well absorbed orally and can be administered with or without food.
  • It is always advisable to take the required dose at a fixed time every day.

Famotin Price in India

SpecificationFamotin Price in India
Famotin 20mg TabletRs. 11.54
Famotin 40mg TabletRs. 13.16
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Common Dosage for Famotin?

  • The recommended oral dose for Famotin in adults is one 40mg tablet once daily at bed time or 20mg tablet to be taken twice daily.
  • Most ulcers heal within 4-8 weeks of starting Famotin.

When to Avoid Famotin?

  • Famotin should be avoided or used with caution in following patients:
  • Patients with allergy to any of its components
  • Patients with severe kidney and liver disease
  • Porphyria
  • Patients with GIT bleeding
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Side-effects of Famotin:

  • Common side effects with Famotin include:
  • Diarrhoea
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Skin rash
  • Muscle pains
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Effect on organs?

  • Patients with severe liver and kidney disease should use Famotin with caution. Dose adjustment by doctor might be needed in few cases.

Reported Allergic Reactions?

  • Report to your doctor if you are allergic to the ingredients of Famotin or other H2
  • Signs of allergic reaction include:
  • Rashes/itching of skin
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat
  • Loss of consciousness

Drug Interactions to Be Careful About

  • It is always advised that the patient must inform the doctor of all the drugs/over the counter products/vitamin supplements being used along with Famotin.
  • All the possible drug interactions might not be listed here. Few important drug interactions with Famotin include:
  • Antacids – Do not take other antacids within 1 hour of ranitidine administration
  • Itraconazole
  • Ketoconazole
  • Sucralfate
  • Midazolam
  • Digoxin
  • Methotrexate
  • Warfarin

Shows Effects / Results In:

  • The effects of Famotin start within 30 minutes to 1 hour following oral administration and reach its peak effect in 2 to 3 hours.

Storage of Famotin:

  • Stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Keep medicines away from children and pets.

Pro Tips When Taking Famotin:

  • Avoid aerated drinks like soft drinks and citrus fruits like lemon and orange as they can irritate stomach lining and increase the acidity.

Frequently asked questions

Is Famotin addictive?

  • No such tendency has been reported.

Can I have Famotin with alcohol?

  • Consumption of alcohol is not recommended when on Famotin therapy as alcohol increases acidity and may further aggregate the problem thereby decreasing the potency of Famotin.

Any particular food item to be avoided?

  • Food products and drinks (soft drinks, aerated drinks) which increase acid secretion should be avoided while on Famotin therapy.

Can I have Famotin when pregnant?

  • Famotin is safe to use during pregnancy however it should only be used when clearly needed.

Can I have Famotin when feeding a baby?

  • Nursing mothers are advised to use Famotin with caution as the drug may pass into breast milk and could harm the baby.

Can I drive after taking Famotin?

  • Few patients on Famotin may experience side effects like dizziness, headache, decreased blood pressure etc. Caution must be exercised in such patients when driving or operating heavy machinery.

What happens if I overdose on Famotin?

  • Famotin should not be administered in more than prescribed dose or for longer duration as it may lead to over-dosage (low BP, restlessness).

What happens if I take expired Famotin?

  • Taking a single expired dose may not cause any major adverse effect. However, the potency of the medicine may well have been reduced.

What happens if I miss a dose of Famotin?

  • Always administer the missed dose as soon as you remember it. But, if it’s already time for the second dose– do not take double the dose to make up for the missed dose.

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