FAN’s new trailer is worth watching on Repeat!

While everyone was busy losing it with the Oscars and Leonardo finally winning gold at this years Academy Awards, there was quite a stir back home in Bollywood as well with Shahrukh treating fans to a brand new trailer of his movie Fan (scroll down for the video). While Shahrukh’s career has spanned over 22 years and he’s donned almost every character possible; the chocolate boy, the obsessed lover, an autistic victim and a hockey coach but it seems that he might be ready to launch his most bizarre, exciting and challenging movie to date.


Fan revolves around two personas; one where Shahrukh portrays himself as the super star legend he is but under the alias Aryan Khanna and the other as Gaurav who plays his biggest fan. While most actors would come off as pretentious douches for the self praise that’s been stuffed into the movie, SRK seems to pull it off with ease and charisma.


At first the movie appeared to be simple and entertaining where a doppelganger is a huge fan of his idol and is ready to go to any lengths to meet him. However, on 29th February at an exclusive event at the YRF Studios, Shahrukh unveiled the second trailer which adds further unanticipated twists and turns making the plot all the more intriguing and engrossing. When the movie launches, be sure to book tickets with bookmyshow offers to earn extra Cashback on your movie outing.


The movie is highly anticipated and will once again see Shahrukh portraying shades of grey where he is obsessed beyond control and will portray a psychopath of sorts which is reminiscent of his older roles such as Anjam and Darr. It seems that the movie will once again usher Shahrukh’s reign in Bollywood which was slowly coming to a sad end given his last few projects. The movie will surely bring back Shahrukh’s acting prowess!


Check out the brand new trailer for Fan and play it on loop because you’ll surely be hooked. April 15th couldn’t be here sooner!


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