Fascinating Facts About Kissing!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day anymore- it’s in fact a whole week of gooey mushy romantic gestures involving Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day and even Kiss Day until the much awaited Valentine’s Day finally arrives. You can shop for fabulous lip care products with nykaa coupons to keep those lips kissable always!


February 13th is now celebrated as Kiss day which is quite a hit with couples. Before you go and shower your loved one with kisses, check out these amazingly fascinating facts about kissing you probably never knew:

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About Kissing

  1. Kissing might look like an easy activity but in fact involves the usage of 146 muscles which includes coordinating 112 postural muscles and 34 facial muscles. You can now give your face quite a workout when your partner nags you to hit the gym. Also, you burn 2 calories everytime you lock lips.
  2. We all sign letters and texts with XOXO representing hugs and kisses. The letter X became a symbol for kissing from around the Middle Ages. It was used by illiterate individuals who signed their letters with an X and sealed it with a kiss as a sign and gesture of sincerity. Surely, X marks the spot!
  3.  Your kissing style can be traced to the womb. This might sound surprising but almost 2/3rd couples tilt their heads to the right when they go in for a kiss and this is mostly genetics at play as most unborn babies tilt their heads to the right in the womb as well. Looks like we’re all practicing early!
  4. When you kiss, you’re exchanging up to 80 million microbes. However, couples who regularly kiss reach a happy microbe level. This fact does explain why King Henry VI banned kissing in England to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemic.
  5. This one is a doozy. According to studies, men who kiss their wives in the morning reportedly live 5 years longer than men who don’t. Well perhaps the scientific reason behind it is your wife won’t be mad enough at you to break your head. Either ways it’s worth a shot if you want to live longer.


These astounding kissing facts surely make kissing all the more fun and knowledgeable. Go ahead and kiss the love of your life this kiss day! CashKaro wishes everyone a Happy Kiss Day!

Suruchi Sethi
CashKaro Blog