“Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it”- Marc Jacobs

Accessories mean the same to men as they mean to women. A little attention to accessorising your personality can do a lot to pull attention. A bronze tie pin, rustic cufflinks, or a fedora hat can help you pull off any look successfully.


Here are some more accessories every man should try at least once.



A bracelet is among the hottest selling men accessories. It has a history as old as 5000 BC. Bracelet is used as a charm and a piece jewellery. Try Being Human’s rubber bracelets or go for leather-metallic ones, they are also sexy. Being Human is a celebrity inaugurated brand by Salman Khan which is within the reach of every Bhai ka fan.

Men Bracelets

Wooden Bow Tie 

Wooden bow

A bow tie is a gentleman’s way of adding more glitter to the party. While the traditional bow tie can be pulled off in any season, there is a new wave for wooden bow ties. It is super quirky, refreshing, and chic.


Collar Chain

collar chain

If wooden bow tie didn’t hit the chord with you, collar chain might will. This dainty glistening little fashion accessory can set fire to your party outfit. Add a collar chain and announce who is the fashion messiah.


Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs

Want to flaunt a rockstar look? Fancy a pair of ear cuffs. Stud earrings are old school. Upgrade to ear cuffs.

ear cuffs

Superhero Cufflinks


Crisp formal shirt. Check. Sharp trouser. Check. Brogue shoes. Check. Cufflinks? Do not attend a formal affair without wearing a pair of cufflinks and we are not talking about any cufflinks. Grab a pair of superhero cufflinks because you are way too cool for the traditional ones.


Beanie Hat

beanie hat

When the temperature starts dipping and you start to feel cold, grab a beanie hat, and keep a balance between fashion and season. It will keep your ears safe from the cold blow of wind. Shop from brands like U.S. Polo Assn, Adidas, and Nike, and earn cashback from CashKaro. U.S. Polo Assn is one the most top/hot selling men’s brands on fashion retailers like Myntra and Jabong.


Lapel Pin/Brooch

Men lapel pin

Lapel pins were popularised by members of different organisations to reflect an achievement or cause but they are all over the place now. They are available in quirky designs to please your style quotient.




After being in limelight from 18th to 19th century, suspenders are back in the game. Suspenders are used as an alternative to a belt but they are now primarily used to hold trouser and fashion statement these days. All thanks to movies like Wolf of Wall Street and James Bond series.


Let’s roll the fashion parade!

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