Height plays a major role when it comes to making fashion choices. Clothes and accessories do so much more than just make a fashion statement- they act as aids for us to increase our overall appeal. Girls who are short are often left struggling to make the right fashion choices as wearing heels is not a feasible option. However, by making the right choices and following a few simple rules, girls can easily overcome the fact they’re short and rock any event they hit.

Check out these easy fashion tips and rules every short girl should know of:

Going Monochrome


Wearing a monochromatic outfit helps create the illusion of continuity which further accentuates your overall figure and height. When the eye moves without interruption from head to toe thanks to a monochromatic outfit, you’ll surely appear taller. When you wear multiple colors, it makes your figure appear contorted and can affect height as well. This option works best when you’re planning on wearing a dress.

High Waist is your Friend


Wearing high waist attires be it jeans, shorts or skirts helps give your frame a more slender and taller appearance by creating the illusion your legs are longer. When you wear high waist apparels, it makes it appear as if you have a taller body proportion and automatically adds to height. This is a great tip for those who find it a pain to wear high heels. Try going in for high waist jeans, shorts, trousers and skirts to get the desired effect without much effort. You can find a variety of options with koovs coupons to always make the right fashion choice at prices to suit your pocket.

Say NO to Tunic Tops


Tunics are always considered a smart piece of accessory but unfortunately for short girls it will not do them much favours. A tunic is generally oversized and baggy which will further hide your frame making you appear stout and shorter even. Even if you pair a tunic with heels, the overall effect will make your body shape appear haphazard and make you look like a tiny elf.

Form Fitting Clothes Help


When you wear form fitting clothes, it helps accentuate your figure better and this helps all the more if you have a slender frame. Keep your comfort in mind but try opting for clothes that fit well over baggy clothes which will overshadow your figure. Even when you buy dresses, go in for form fitting or tailor made dresses instead as a good fit will not only make you feel confident but help give you the height you wish to achieve. Try clothes that accentuate your legs especially if your legs are longer.

Avoid Cropped Pants 


Cropped pants are quite a trend in the fashion world but you should avoid the look as it causes the eye movement to break and gives the appearance of you having shorter legs even if you’ve worn heels. It is always advisable to go for jeans or jeggings which end at the shoe level so that there is continuity in the eye movement. If you cannot give yourself real height, you can always give yourself optical height by wearing the right lowers.

Follow these easy tips and rules to do full justice to your height and feel confident of yourself. You no longer have to run at different outlets to compile your perfect fashion look. At CashKaro, you can easily find a variety of stores that help you get the best options in fashion and with the right techniques you can always put your best fashion foot forward.

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