Feasting on The Best for Christmas

Advent has begun and if you haven’t started preparing your plum cakes yet, you’re falling behind. With Christmas fast approaching, along with it comes time for presents, family and good food. Christmas dinner is a huge feast which involves a great many foods. The Goans have very traditional dishes like Bebinca and Vindaloo which are made only for Christmas. For the rest of the country, we feast on food like biriyani and cake.

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Here are some traditional food and where to get them.


An essential at all parties, biriyani is a dish everybody likes. It is rich in spices and so flavourful. Biriyani can be made with a variety of meats or vegetables. Each part of the country has a different way of making their biriyanis. Buy it now with Uber Eats coupons

What to get: Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani

Roast Chicken

This is a traditional dish all over the world, roast chicken is prepared in various ways according to the country of origin. In India, we load our chicken up with spices and stick it in a tandoor (fire oven) to extract the best taste from it. Use Uber Eats promo to buy yourself a plate.

What to get: Tandoori Chicken, Tangdi Kebab


Coming to the deserts, kheer, or pudding, is a very popular dish served on Christmas. Made with rice or sago, kheer is a sweet dish that can be eaten hot or cold. Try it out now with Uber Eats promo code.

What to get: Amritsar Kheer

Fruit Cake

The most awaited dish that’s brought out to the dinner table. Fruit cakes are made months in advance and left to mature with coatings of rum drizzled over it. Fruit Cakes are made with a variety of dry fruits and nuts and is the most indulging. Buy your fruit cake from the best with Uber Eats promo.

What to get: Fresh Fruit Cake, Arabian Nut Cake

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