Fennel Seeds for Pregnancy: Is it Safe? Benefits and Side effects

Fennel Seeds (Saunf) is an extremely common herb. It is known to have various medicinal uses. However, once you are pregnant, it becomes essential that you revise what all you eat to make sure it is safe for your little one. Let’s find out if fennel seeds are actually safe to consume after conception.

Benefits of fennel seeds during pregnancy

  • It is highly useful in morning sickness and nausea. It is one of the most common pregnancy symptom during the first trimester.
  • It brings relief from bloating symptoms
  • Fennel seeds help you develop an appetite when you don’t feel like having anything. Proper nutrition is highly essential for you as well as your baby.
  • They help the expecting mother in heartburn and gas pains.

Is it safe to consume fennel seeds during pregnancy?

Many studies have concluded that fennel seeds are not that safe to be consumed during pregnancy. Here are some of the side effects which you may have to face after using fennel seeds:

  • People with any sort of bleeding disorder must avoid fennel seeds. It makes blood clotting quite difficult.
  • Women with sensitive skin should stay clear of fennel seeds. This is because it makes your skin dry and extremely sensitive.
  • The seeds have emmenagogue effects. It means that they can trigger a menstrual cycle which is highly dangerous and may lead to a miscarriage.
  • Excess consumption of fennel seeds may also lead to various complications for the expectant mother as well as the baby.

Like any other food taken during pregnancy, one should always take it in moderation and always consult your physician before consumption. Even after consumption, if you feel any discomfort, immediately contact your doctor.

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