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Festivals are mostly celebrated for the gathering of the family members altogether. Festivals of music or with a virtue in general are one of the best ways to experience a destination in a different way. With several hundred festivals all over the world happening every month, there is plenty to choose from. Trying to pick just one can be overwhelming, exciting and confusing at the same time. But with offers the choices you can make can surely be extended. With deals by availing coupon codes you can avail great discounts on destination tours and festival packages, hence saving on one can literally help you grab more deals.

Rest assured, choose from the amazing festivals in the world which you can visit this year to explore the world in a different manner:

La Tomatina — Buñol, Spain:

La Tomatina is a festival which is held in the Valencian, it is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year. Thousands of people from around the globe gather at the town of Buñol in Spain to throw squashed tomatoes at each other. La Tomatina is known to have begun in 1944 when children threw tomatoes at a bad musician and the situation quickly escalated into a food fight, but no one is quite sure how the annual event really began. You must visit Spain and celebrate this interesting festival, book your tickets through and don’t forget to check deals for their exclusive offers.

Songkran Festival — Thailand:

Songkran is celebrated as the New Year of Thai’s. It is celebrated as National Holiday in Thailand, people travel to their homeland. Summers of anyone’s childhood was the most beautiful time of life, with water balloons and super soakers. If you also miss those days the same way, then Thailand is the place to go between April 13th-15th. At the Songkran Festival, taking place in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Phuket, people take over the streets by soaking each other with water guns, hoses, and buckets filled with water. The festival is rooted in Buddhist tradition, which believes in the thought that water has purifying qualities, and washes away evil spirits. Book your tickets from and do check on coupon for their offers.

The Battle of the Oranges — Ivrea, Italy:

Ivrea, a small town in northwest of Italy gathers over a million pounds of oranges each year for an annual Battle of the Oranges. In the battle of squads there are orange throwers on foot and groups of people in the carts defending their vehicles from the orange throwers. There are estimated around 4,000 people spending their day throwing oranges at each other. This tradition has been on since 1808.

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