The business and investment magazine, Outlook Money is released every month in English. The magazine, also dubbed as a money manager can help and guide you if you are new to the investment world. If you are already an expert, this magazine serves as the perfect reference to be updated on the latest developments in business! Keep reading to know some facts about Outlook Money.

Facts About Outlook Money 

  • Outlook Money is published by the Outlook group and was launched in July, 1998.
  • It covers various topics such as finance, investing, real estate, smart savings, insurance, healthcare, travel and also guidance for car buying and maintenance.
  • It is India’s first personal finance magazine.
  • The magazine can help you to invest, borrow and spend money smartly.
  • The magazine was originally known as Intelligent Investor. Its name was changed to Outlook Money in 2002.
  • About 93% of its readers retain all the past issues.
  • It has been selling more than 1,00,000 copies a fortnight within a year

So now you know what to do if you are confused about your money. Think smart and stay up to date in today’s market by reading Outlook Money!

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