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India is truly a paradise for travellers and tourists. Then why do we ourselves think of the possible international destinations to fly to when planning a vacation? The beauty of India is incomparable and yet many draw similarities with various western world’s tourist hotspots. So even if you so want an experience at par with international spots, know that there are several mesmerizing places in India that can create an illusion of a destination half way across the globe.

The beauty of India is incomparable and yet many wanderlusts draw similarities with various Western world’s tourist hotspots. Here are the names of some mesmerizing places in India that can create an illusion of a Western World. You can easily book a hotel in these places on discounted prices using coupons via Cashkaro.

1. Scotland of the East – Shillong:

Scotland of the east was first referred to this beautiful hamlet in the eastern state of Meghalaya. The striking likeness between the meadows of Scotland and those of Shillong had captured the eyes of the Britons who first landed in this picturesque hilly terrain. Green pastures bordered by Garo and Khasi hills in the backdrop can be easily mistaken as some Scottish hamlet grossly misplaced across a continent.

2. Switzerland in India – Khajjiar:

Chamba district of Himachal is home to Khajjiar that can draw huge resemblance to any sleepy hamlet of Switzerland. This romantic destination still not yet flocked by an army of tourists. It can provide visually awe-inspiring natural landscapes that can match any lavish green glades of Swiss Alps albeit in the Himalayas.

3. Antelope Valley of India – Uttarakhand Flower Valley:

Adoring the landscape in the backdrop of the Zanskar range, the Uttarakhand Flower Valley boasts of a carpet of flowers even Antelope valley might be jealous of. With rare species of flowers sporting a wide range of hues that will visually stimulate your senses, the Uttarakhand Flower Valley in its full bloom is one such stunning view that you cannot miss.

4. Aleppy – Venice of India:

Hidden in the southern state of Kerala in India, Aleppy draws a stark resemblance to the famous city of Venice of Italy. The gondolas floating in the city of canals might not be the case in Aleppy but you will surely come across huge network of waterways in the backdrop of lush green paddy fields. If lucky, you will get to see even a snake boat race in these backwaters that itself is an extravaganza one needs to witness.

5. Jal Mahal of Jaipur:

Jal Mahal in Jaipur draws tourists round the year. But very few would know that that the Trakai castle of Lithuania also boasts of a similar visual. Jal Mahal is an architectural marvel which has multiple stories beneath the water and yet nothing seeps through this stone based castle. You can book a hotel in Jaipur with the best offers. If you’re logged in through Cashkaro, you can avail Fairmont Jaipur offers. By availing this offer, users will get up to 50% off and flat 7% additional cashback.

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