Successful Morning People

There is nothing sweeter than the love for bed in the morning.

You can’t seem to step out of the cozy mattress into the cold world waiting outside. But science suggests you should.

If you want to be successful and not be broke after the 10th of every month, then get your ass out of bed.


These five reasons will tell you why morning people are more successful.

1. They are Persistent and Proactive

morning person

Early morning risers are more persistent, cooperative, and proactive when compared to night owls. According to multiple studies, morning people show positive personality traits that link them to outperforming their late-night counterparts in proactiveness and persistence to achieve goals.

According to the study, proactiveness is described as the tendency to take action to change the state of a situation in favor of oneself.

2. They are Less Showy and More Agreeable

happy person smiling

Morning people are more conscientious and less showy which translates to them being more agreeable at work. Numerous studies have linked agreeableness to the pursuit of success and happiness. These characteristic traits of morning risers are said to be ‘novelty-seeking’ by researchers.

3. They Procrastinate Less

go getter person

Morning people do not procrastinate their tasks and stick to the timeline. The personal discipline in their lives translates into the work they do. Putting off impending tasks to a later time can sometimes mess up the schedule when something unavoidable crops up.

Morning people are well-informed about last minute hassles and hence make sure everything they must do is done on time. This is one reason why morning people are considered good workers since they strictly follow office ethics.

4. They are Happier in General

People who rise in the morning have a lot of time to go through their morning tasks and extra time for more activity. They are able to do a lot in the early hours every morning and get a head start on the daily competition.

While Night owls tend to work during the wee hours, they slack in the mornings and fall behind the early risers. Another reason cited on why night people can’t keep up with their morning counterparts is the disconnect between their nighttime preferences and conventional daytime expectations. This makes morning people happy with their regular daytime tasks.

5. They are Less Prone to Drugs and Addiction

Morning people are found to stick with their timelines which give them no time for smoking and drinking. The night types consume more alcohol since nightlife is more conducive to drinking and other bad habits.

The early risers avoid these distractions since they are in bed at the right time. All these factors make morning people less vulnerable to drinking and addiction that night timers are prone to.

So, are you setting up the alarm now? 😎

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