Freedom 251 gets Trolled on Social Media after Website Crashes

It was only yesterday that news broke out that World’s cheapest smartphone a.k.a Freedom 251 will be available for pre-booking on the official website. Fast forward a day after and all you can see is trolls on Freedom 251 across social media channels.

The reason for the trolls being customers not able to order the smartphone even after a ridiculous number of attempts.

Here’s how things panned out – The official site had a payment page that required the user to type in their name, address, phone number and email id. Once all details were filled and the ‘Pay Now’ button was clicked, it reverted back to the same page. Hilariously, some users say that they have tried filling their details 251 times for Freedom 251, but to no avail ?

But for the lucky few who made a successful transaction (still don’t know how that happened), there seems to be no intimation from the company whatsoever. No emails, no messages and not even an acknowledgement.

While things went light-hearted online, some really excited people who were eagerly awaiting the launch of the product took to the streets to protest against Ringing Bells – the manufacturer of Freedom 251.

After a massive outrage, the company has officially closed bookings for 24 hours. However, from the time bookings opened a number of glitches have come to light, some very silly that netizens wasted no time in exposing it!

It is a mix of shock and surprise as to how a smartphone that is marketed under ‘Make in India’ scheme is turning out (as some say) to be a potential SCAM!!

However, we will stay away from predicting games for a while and see how things turn out after 24 hours. Even as some see a glimmer of hope, others fear that Freedom 251 will go down the same road as Aakash Tablets. It is yet to be seen if the ‘Rs 251 smartphone’ is a real deal!

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