Top Frozen Yogurt Places on Zomato, Bangalore

Headquartered in Gurugram, Zomato is an online food-delivery company, founded in 2008. Spanning across 24 countries and 10,000 cities, Zomato offers food from various cuisines, including Indian, continental and local. To say that there are a humongous number of options available on Zomato is an understatement. You can find everything ranging from continental delights to regional delicacies and decadent desserts. You can order food suiting your every mood throughout the day – be it for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. You can even stumble upon dishes for different diets like keto, no-carb, vegan etc. Imagine any food item and voilà – it will be there on Zomato!

No one ever complained about having frozen yogurt for dessert. It is a perfect palate cleanser. Not too sweet and perfectly creamy, frozen yogurt is the best of all the worlds. It is made with milk, yogurt culture and a flavouring of your choice.

Healthier than ice cream, more people are opting for this dessert because of how versatile it is. You can find the best frozen yogurt places on Zomato, Bangalore. Use CashKaro’s Zomato coupon codes and Zomato offers to get it delivered right to your house.


This ice cream parlour has tons of frozen yogurt flavours on its menu. You can indulge in this dessert without the guilt of it as froyo generally has less sugar and cream in its ingredients. Get your favourite flavours from Flavours24 now with Zomato promo codes.

Must try: Vanilla Yogurt, Make your own Parfait

Writer’s Cafe

This is a small cafe for avid book readers with a menu full of continental delicacies. Writer’s Cafe is a good place to go when you’re looking for some alone-time. With Zomato coupons, you can get it delivered to your place as well.

Must try: Blueberry froyo

Third Wave Coffee Roasters

This is a nice restaurant to get some breakfast on the go. Their frozen yogurts are on the very healthy side and are served along with granola and fruits. Order in with Zomato promo codes.

Must try: Granola Parfait, Smoothie Bowl

Fresh Pressery Cafe

A menu complete with healthy options, fresh pressery is your place to go for some flavoured yogurt. They serve all their smoothie bowls with yogurt, making it completely healthy and wholesome. Get it now with Zomato coupon codes.

Must try: Raspberry Surprise, Granola Bowl

If you’re looking healthy desserts, Froyo is the way to go. It can also cheekily be made indulgent according to your choice of toppings. Head to CashKaro to find the best frozen yogurt places on Zomato, and using our Zomato offers, order it for awesome discounts. Go check it out and order with Zomato coupons now!

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