It’s always playtime for your active little tyke, isn’t it? Although his first preferences will always be the likes of cardboard boxes, string and even dirt, we’ve still rounded up some cool, unique toys from the best toy brands in India. Here it goes!


When we think about the most fun and engaging toys for kids of all ages, we can’t help but mention Funskool. Ever since it’s inception in 1988, the brand has been manufacturing toys and games for infants, toddlers and school going kids. From teethers to action figures, you’ll find everything here.

Like this ice cream teether for that teeny tiny sweet tooth.


Funskool Icecream Teether

Amazon  – Rs 99 79

Or these stacking barrels that are a step ahead from your average building blocks and are a barrel o’ fun.71b9ohngr5l-_sl1500_

Funskool Stacking Barrels

Amazon – Rs 225

And for the Junior Masterchefs, a Play-Doh Breakfast Buffet where they can make waffles, toasts and eggs, just for you.71eewga58l-_sl1500_

Funskool Playdoh Breakfast Buffet

Amazon – Rs 399 319

If you’re looking for a brand that encourages your kid’s mind to grow along with keeping him entertained for hours, check out Playskool. The brand is a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc, the American multinational manufacturer of toys and board games. Here are some of the toys we love.

For the in-house Disc Jockeys and their spinning skills…


Playskool Rocktivity Mix n Crawl DJ Ball

Amazon – Rs 1,349 1,203

.. And some more spinning skills.


Playskool Play Favorites Sit ‘n Spin Toy

Amazon – Rs 5,651

If you’ve ever heard the words ‘I wanna be Iron Man when I grow up’,


Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Iron Man Armor Up Fortress

Amazon – Rs 2,680

Or even Spider-Man for that matter.


Playskool Marvel Super Hero Adventures Spider-Man Water Web Shooter And Bath Toy

Amazon – Rs 1,976

And finally, good news for those troublemakers who cannot peel their eyes away from the TV when Doraemon is on. The brand also manufactures merchandise including toys, stationery, cutlery and more. Here are a few goodies that brand manufactures.


Doraemon 43 Piece Coloring Set

Amazon: Rs 449 382


Doraemon Tricycle

Amazon – Rs 2,999 1,799


Doraemon Childrens Toy Doctors Instruments Kit

Amazon – Rs 4,530


Doraemon Hand Controlled Helicopter

Amazon – Rs 358

Let the fun begin!

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