We all know that exercise benefits us in unlimited ways, but hitting the local gym for a workout becomes a job in itself. It almost seems like a stressful activity instead of being the stressbusting activity it should be!!

Not anymore!! Think not! Stress not! Because, there are fun ways to exercise, which your trainer didn’t tell you. You could run, walk, dance or just jump. And they’re as easy as “playing with your kid.”

  1. Jogging/Walking

Walking or Jogging on the treadmill could become boring over time, and doesn’t give you the fresh air a morning jog could. So hit your neighbourhood lanes first thing in the morning and wander off for a good forty to fifty minutes. You could make it more fun if you have your dog with you and guess what, this was the reason Pokémon Go became a rage recently.

  1. Exercises to do at home – Yoga, Squats, Plank workout

If going out is not your thing, you can simply pick up a mat and start doing basic exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats and lunges. Each of these done right is as good as doing a cardio regime at the gym. It is important to increase the duration and intensity of these exercises gradually to suit your body’s adaptabilities. Just make sure, you have a mat with you. You could also use a stepper.

  1. Dance – Salsa, Western Contemporary, Zumba, Belly Dancing

Nothing beats this one. It is undoubtedly one of the best workouts. You don’t have to be an awesome dancer to experience the benefits of dance, all you got to do is make your whole body move at the same time. Take up a dance class of your choice and see your body and mind enjoying while you’re getting back into shape.

  1. Sport – Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket

How sports keep the human body fit needs no introduction. The more intense the sport, the more your abs get fitter. No points for guessing how many sportsmen have raised the bar for fitness throughout the last decade. From Olympians to Cricketers to Football legends, the inspiration to remain fit keeps growing everyday. So what are you waiting for, grab, kick, throw or hit the ball now!!

  1. Hula hooping

If you’re looking for a really shapely waist, pick up a hula hoop that reaches your waist vertically and keep moving. Few things to keep the exercise smooth include not wearing any jewellery or loose clothing as they might tangle.


  1. Water sports- Rowing, Swimming, Surfing

If the heat doesn’t let you do your workout, it’s time you hit the water. A cool swim definitely makes all your muscles work harder as you manage to balance your bodyweight in water. Swimming is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Rowing, surfing and kayaking involve muscle coordination to a very high extent, so that you maintain your balance with the kayak/surfboard/boat. Make the best out of your swimming and diving activities with these cool and trendy swimming essentials.


  1. Hiking/trekking

Take a break from your routine and go on a hiking expedition. You don’t have to be trekking freak or an adventurous genius at first, you just have to make the start. Make sure that as you’re moving towards the destination, you’re panting like a dog and your clothes are wet. Climb mountains and walk over thin bridges while your body gets a fresh rush of adrenaline and blood. Don’t think anymore, just go for it.

  1. Join a martial arts class

Go slim and strong Jackie Chan style while your body transforms into your desired body type. Karate and judo not only tone up your arms and legs, but they also strengthen your back and belly.

  1. Trampoline workout

What could be more exciting than jumping for exercise? It’s the best cardio workout possible. So just head for a 20-minute jumping spree and get your heart rates racing.


In short, when it comes to fitness … self-help is the best help.
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