Bean bags on Flipkart

Bean bags are one of the best pieces of furniture ever invented. They are not only comfortable, they are also really fun to sit on and play around. They’re perfect for watching movies, playing games and chilling with your friends. They are light, easy to lift, occupy very little space and you can place them wherever you want. Check out the following types of funky bean bags that Flipkart offers.

Tear Drop Bean Bag

This is the most common type of bean bag that you can find anywhere. It is very flexible and can easily take the shape of any person that sits on it to provide complete relaxation. As the name suggests, this bean bag looks like a tear drop when fluffed and left unoccupied.

Round Bean Bag

Round bean bags are quite similar to tear drop bean bags in terms of the flexibility and comfort. Round bean bags are generally smaller in size than tear drop bean bags, and are round in shape. Use Flipkart coupons to get discounts on the purchase of round bean bags.

Bean Bag Chair

Can you imagine a sofa becoming super cool and fun? Well, that’s what a bean bag chair is! It is a sofa, but it is also a bean bag – basically, it is a sofa stuffed with beans to give the feel and comfort of a bean bag. The main advantage of a bean bag chair is that it is comparatively sturdy and gives good back support.

Bean Bag Footstool

Now if you buy a bean bag chair, then, a bean bag footstool is a must-have. A bean bag footstool is a footstool made by the stuffing of beans, just like a bean bag chair. Get both of them at low prices using the ‘Flipkart Sale Today’ offer.

Novelty Bean Bags

Novelty bean bags are bean bags that come in unique shapes like the shapes of different objects – for example, a football, a basketball or a car. They are majorly for kids, but there are some varieties out there for adults too!

Check out exciting Flipkart offers and buy funky bean bags at discounted prices using Flipkart coupons. Also, don’t forget to explore items on the ‘Flipkart Sale Today’ offer. Happy shopping!

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