There are gadgets which you use for their utility. And there are some gadgets and accessories which not only fulfil their purpose but are more than that. They are so cool that you want to add them to your collection to swank. They are so out of the box you’ll say, ‘take my money and give it to me’.
We present you such gadgets and accessories that will make you drool.

Portable Birdcage LED Night Lamp


This USB rechargeable LED lamp could be used for 15 hours on a single charge. Place it indoor or outdoor, it will light up your mood. The lamp is available in 4 adorable colours Orange, Blue, Pink, and Yellow.

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Beer Glass Pen Drive


All the data transferred into this pen drive gets tipsy. Jokes apart, who would not like to have a beer pen drive. It is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity models.

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Get it here.

Game of Thrones Stark Brooch


You know winter is coming the moment you decide to carry this brooch. The Stark House is now your responsibility. Aye aye!

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Get it here.

Star Wars Darth Vader Key Chain


The evil will now open gates for you. The Darth Vader PVC key chain comes with LED light and sound.

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Wooden Wrist Watch


Forget multi-functional or chronograph watches, it is time to go green. This Bobobird watch is made from bamboo. Just make sure you keep your love for water at bay or else it will grow roots.

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Get it here.

Dragon Pendant


Fancy this dragon pendant if your love for Daenerys Targaryen aka Khalessi is unconditional. Made from stainless steel, this dragon pendant might help you win the Iron Throne.

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Get it here.

Laser Shooting Gun Alarm Clock


Why switch off the alarm when you can just kill it? This alarm clock will help you stop that irksome sound in the morning with its laser shooting gun. Record your favourite sounds to work as the alarm tone. Just make sure your shooting skills are in place.

Free Shipping to India via China Post Registered Air Mail

Get it here.

Dumbbell Pendant


Do not just lift dumbbells, wear them! It might not weight as much as your gym dumbbell but it will definitely be going to make your gym friends envious of you.

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Get it here.

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  1. The led lamp is pretty cool. Though, that laser gun alarm clock still won’t suffice to wake me up on a sunday morning.


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