Garlic Honey- Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, FAQs and more

What is Garlic Honey?

Garlic is a herb in the Allium family that closely resembles onions, shallots and leeks. The pungent bulb in itself is power packed with nutrients that keep diseases at bay. Honey is the sweet and gooey substance produced by bees and is one of nature’s purest foods. Mix them together and you can beat the elixir of life.

Both honey and Garlic (Allium sativum) are powerful antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-bacterial in nature. When mixed together and consumed on an empty stomach, the benefits of the two multiply and are amazing for health. Here are all the benefits of the mixture.

Benefits of Garlic & Honey

Improves Blood Circulation

The sulphur present in garlic and antioxidants from honey dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow throughout the body. They lower triglyceride levels and keep cholesterol in check. They also prevent diseases like thrombosis and varicose veins.

Improve Skin Health

The antioxidant content in the mixture is good for removing toxins from the blood. This reduces the risk of skin troubles like acne, dryness, psoriasis etc. It also makes skin soft and smooth.

Boosts Immunity

The antiviral and antibacterial properties of the mixture make it an amazing immunity booster. It kills disease causing germs within the body and makes the body stronger to fight diseases efficiently.

Aids Weight Loss

Honey and garlic are both potent appetite suppressants. They reduce food cravings and keep you feeling satiated. So, you are able to avoid binging and maintain a healthy weight.

Treat Cold & Flu Symptoms

Both the ingredients are antibacterial and antiviral in nature which makes the mixture a perfect flu cure. It can relieve symptoms like cough, runny or blocked nose, or congestion.

Benefits of Garlic Honey for Skin

If you are longing for a fair and healthy skin then honey garlic should find a place on your daily intake list. Here are a few reasons why honey garlic are good for your skin.

Reduces Acne

Heat pimples or acne in people are a common occurrence. The consumption of honey garlic detoxifies the body and purifies the blood which prevents the formation of acne. Raw garlic or honey rubbed on the skin work as an emollient and reduces inflammation, acne bumps and redness.

Reverses Signs of Early Aging

Both garlic and honey are a rich source of antioxidants. Honey contains myriad of polyphenols and garlic contains allicin, alliin and cysteine together work to slow the aging process and reverse the damage caused. It prevents the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and black spots.

Cures Psoriasis and Skin Infections

Garlic honey is antibacterial in nature. When applied on the skin damaged by psoriasis, honey works as a moisturizer and slowly helps in shedding off of the scaly skin. Garlic honey can be directly applied on the skin to prevent skin infections. The consumption of honey and garlic also cure psoriasis and eczema.

Benefits of Garlic Honey for Hair

Garlic honey is the best thing that can happen to your scalp and hair. These are the ways that garlic honey can help your hair.

Prevents Scalp Sensitivity

You feel it as a pain in the root of your hair. The pain is caused by fungal infections in the scalp. They are called folliculitis, carbunculosis and furunculosis. The application of garlic and honey can prevent fungal infections because of their antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It would reduce the pain and rid the scalp of fungus.

Prevents Scalp Psoriasis and Hair Fall

Scalp psoriasis is a painful condition where the skin on the scalp becomes scaly, red and itchy. This leads to weak hair that starts falling out. Application or the consumption of honey garlic can treat scalp psoriasis and reduce hair loss.

Health Benefits of Garlic Honey

1. Regulate Cholesterol Levels

A mixture of garlic and honey can help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and boost HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. When taken on an empty stomach, it is efficient in regulating the triglyceride levels of the body too.

2. Improves Immunity

Honey and garlic are high in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Also, the bioactive compounds in honey garlic combine to benefit your body in more ways than one. They protect your body from free radicals, prevent damage to the cells and also boost immunity. Minor cough cold and flu can be warded off with a tablespoon of honey garlic.

3. Beneficial in Prostate Disorders

The enlargement of prostate gland can cause discomfort and pain in men as aging progresses. Regular use of garlic in the form of a concoction of honey and garlic can reduce the risk of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

4. Effective Anti Carcinogen

Carcinogenesis or the creation of cancer cells can be caused by many reasons like weak immune system, chronic ulcers, obesity, chronic inflammation etc. Compounds in honey boost immunity, reduce ulcers and act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Garlic contains selenium, a compound that is again linked to the prevention of cancer. Honey and garlic can prevent prostate, stomach, endometrial, breast, colon, rectum and stomach cancer.

5. Reduces Obesity

Garlic and honey help in the reduction of body weight. Garlic honey detoxifies the body of accumulated fat deposits and reduce the water retentive tendency of the cells. They also suppress untimely hunger pangs, giving you the feeling of being full.

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Uses Of Garlic Honey

  • Wound healing (Topical Use)
  • Energy boost and fighting fatigue
  • Fighting Insomnia
  • Relieve an upset stomach
  • Fight dandruff (Topical Use)
  • Reduce stress

Garlic honey has properties that are beneficial to human health. Read on to find out more.

1. Used as an Aphrodisiac

Garlic honey improves blood circulation in the body. Besides, honey contains boron and nitric oxide that regulate the hormones and increase the libido and garlic contains enzymes that increases the sexual vigour. Both the ingredients have served the purpose of aphrodisiacs since ages and are being explored for added health benefits like preventing ED.

2. Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antimicrobial Properties Protect from Diseases

Majority of health problems like upset stomach, acne, sepsis, cold and flu, diarrhoea etc are caused due to germs and microbes. Regular consumption of garlic honey boosts immunity, kills bacteria and other microbes and keeps you healthy.

3. Regulates Blood Pressure

A mixture of garlic and honey have a role to play in the stabilization of blood pressure levels of the body. Both the ingredients are beneficial in regulating serum triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body and prevent the risk of heart diseases and other complications.

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How to Use Garlic Honey

Mince a clove of garlic and add it to a tablespoon of honey before consuming it directly.

Can it be consumed before or after meals?

To extract maximum benefits from your efforts, consume garlic honey on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Can garlic honey be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes, garlic honey must be taken on an empty stomach to receive maximum health benefits.

Can garlic honey be consumed with water?

Do not dilute the garlic honey mixture by dissolving it in a glass of water. First have a tablespoon of garlic honey and then drink a glass of plain water.

Garlic and Honey: Dosage

Adults: Adults should consume around 1 to 1½ tablespoon of the mixture on an empty stomach every day.

Children (2 to 10 years): Although garlic and honey are safe for children, be careful if you feed them pure honey as it might contain a bacterium that can cause boltulism. Consult a pediatrician for before feeding them honey and garlic.

Once your mixture is ready, take one tablespoon before breakfast for 7 days. Post that, take a break for a few days and repeat. You may dilute the mixture in warm water to make it easy to consume.

Dosage of Common Forms of Garlic Honey

  • Liquid: Honey is a viscous, gooey sweet liquid that can be blended with cloves of minced garlic and stored in the refrigerator for up to 20 days.

Side Effects of Garlic Honey

These are some of the minor adverse effects of consuming garlic honey:

1. Garlicky Breath and Body Odour

Garlic is one of those bulbs that give you a bad breath and later exudes itself from the pores of the skin which can give you a garlicky body odour. So, do not overdo garlic honey if you want to stay clean of bad breath and body odour.

2. Interaction with Drugs

Garlic does not interact well with the following drugs: atazanavir, isoniazid and nitrazid. Drugs which are broken down in the liver also do not interact well with garlic. Honey is likely unsafe when produced from rhododendrons and does not interact well with blood sugar and medications for the heart.

3. Nausea and Retching

Consumption of garlic and honey can cause nausea, retching and vomiting in some people. Exercise caution if that happens.

4. Can Become a Cause for Diabetes

Check honey for additives like sugar before you make a purchase. Adulterated honey that contain sugar can lead to diabetes or aggravate an already existing problem.

Precautions and Warnings of Garlic Honey

Can it be consumed before driving?

Yes, both garlic and honey are nature’s least harmful products and can be safely consumed before driving.

Can it be consumed with alcohol?

Alcohol negates the effect of almost all herbal medications. So, it would be a not so good idea to consume garlic honey with alcohol.

Can it be addictive?

No, garlic honey is non-addictive in nature.

Can it make you drowsy?

No, garlic and honey contain reinvigorating compounds that keep you active

Can you overdose on garlic and honey?

Overdosing on garlic and honey is not fatal but it can lead to complications in blood sugar levels if caution is not exercised.

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21 Important Questions Asked About Garlic Honey

What is garlic and honey made of?

Garlic can come in many varieties like silverskin, artichoke, porcelain etc. Honey can be organic or in organic and pure or processed. Garlic honey mixture is just the combination of any variety of garlic with a tablespoon of honey.

What are its storage requirements?

A jar of garlic honey should be kept in an airtight container in the fridge to retain its fragrance and properties.

How long do I need to use garlic honey till I see improvement in my condition?

Garlic honey can take weeks to months to show visible signs of change depending on the age and gender of the person and the purpose it is used for.

How many times a day do I need to use garlic honey?

Consuming 1 to 1½ tablespoon of garlic and honey once every day is sufficient for an adult.

Does it have any effect on breastfeeding?

Breast feeding mothers should consume garlic and honey as it aids in lactation and increases the production of breast milk.

Is it safe for the kids?

It is safe for kids. But it is advisable to consult a pediatrician before feeding young children raw garlic and honey.

Does it have any effect on pregnancy?

Garlic and honey can be safely consumed by pregnant women without any worries. However, women in their second to third trimester should avoid garlic as it can affect the pregnancy adversely.

Does it contain sugar?

Yes, 100 gms of honey contain 82 gms of sugar.

Can I exercise after having garlic honey on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can exercise after having garlic honey on an empty stomach.

Does a mixture of flaxseed, garlic, honey and lemon benefit the skin and hair?

Yes, a mixture of flaxseed, garlic, lemon and honey keeps the hair healthy and the skin glowing, fair and radiant. They also reduce dandruff, infections and hair fall.

Should we drink water first or is garlic honey first to consume on an empty stomach?

Eat a tablespoon of garlic honey on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and then follow it with a glass of water.

Does garlic honey help sexually?

Yes, garlic honey improves blood circulation and functions as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant. It helps prevent ED.

Does garlic help lose weight?

Garlic honey helps in digestion and controls untimely cravings for food. It also detoxifies the fat pouches from the body and reduces the body’s ability to retain extra water.

Can eating raw garlic be harmful?

Raw garlic poses no serious health risks to humans and is safe for human consumption. However, can cause mouth irritation, bad breath and indigestion.

How much garlic can you eat in a day?

3 to 4 cloves of garlic or 600- 1500 mg of extract is effective in treating ailments and providing health benefits, research shows.

Can lemon, garlic, honey and neem be taken together on an empty stomach? If yes, is it safe or not?

Yes, you can take a mixture of lemon, garlic, honey and neem together on an empty stomach. Simply crush 1-2 neem leaves and add a tsp of honey and lemon to it. Add garlic paste to it and mix well. You can consume it on any empty stomach as it aids in weight loss and boosts immunity. It is safe to consume these together, however you must check with a health care practitioner if you are suffering from allergies or other diseases.

Can I exercise after eating garlic honey on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can exercise after eating garlic honey on an empty stomach. We would recommend you to go for a light schedule of exercising after consumption.

Is it advisable to drink water first or eat garlic honey on an empty stomach?

You must drink water on an empty stomach before consuming garlic and honey. Water reduces the concentration of HCL in human stomach, therefore you must drink water before consumption.

Does a mixture of flax seeds, garlic, honey and lemon benefit the skin?

Yes, a mixture of flax seeds, garlic, honey and lemon benefits the skin. Flax seeds have properties that impart glow to the skin, treats acne and rejuvenates the skin from within. Honey and lemon provides an extra dose of antioxidants and moisture to the skin, thus making it glow.

Does drinking honey with hot water or eating raw garlic helps in reducing weight?

Drinking honey with hot water along with lemon aids in weight loss. The best part is that you must mix honey and garlic together which helps in weight loss. You must note that regular exercising along with a healthy diet can help you in losing weight.

What should I do if consumption of garlic and honey causes a stomach ache?

Garlic and honey may cause some side effects and stomach ache is one of them. Many people suffer from abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions and sweating.  Hence, you must check with your health care practitioner in case garlic and honey leads to a stomach ache for you.

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Research on Garlic Honey

An article published by the National Center for Biotechnological Information (NCBI) concluded that garlic honey is beneficial in treating many bacterial infections because of its antibacterial activity on the bacterium that eliminates the problem.

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