Belgium is an amazing team of talented players, that got the ability to win the FIFA World Cup 2019. They have performed really well in the qualifying stage of FIFA World Cup 2019. The team is fresh and energetic as many new players have come into the squad for the FIFA World Cup 2019 Russia. There are some quality players like Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne in the Belgium squad.

Cheer for the Belgium team and show your support by putting their jersey on.

Belgium Football Team Home Jersey for FIFA World Cup 2019

Belgium team will play in their Red and Yellow jersey which is a product of one of the biggest sporting brand, Adidas.

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 Belgium Football Team Away Kit for the FIFA World Cup 2019

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Image Source: FIFA Store

Fun Facts: 

  • The first match between Belgium and France, the Évence Coppée Trophy played in 1904, was the first official game for both teams and the first official football match between independent countries on the European continent.
  • Belgium, who play in red, were given the nickname the ‘Red Devils’ by a journalist after beating the Netherlands 5-0 on 29 April 1906. The name is still widely used today, and everyone knows them as the Belgian Red Devils.
  • September 5th 2015 was a very proud day for Belgium, when for the first time in history their football team were ranked number 1 in the FIFA world ranking. The Red Devils spent an impressive 215 days at the top of the table, until knocked off by Argentina in April 2016.

Belgium will play their first match against Panama on 18th June (Monday). Put on the Belgium football team jersey and cheer for them in the biggest sporting event on the planet, FIFA World Cup 2019. Don’t Miss the action.

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