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 Marvel in the beauty of mother nature while being adventurous at the same time by going on a hike! Hiking frequently improves your survival skills and instincts. It also has a lot of health benefits overall – both physical and mental. Hiking is one activity that people should engage in more often and having the right hiking equipment is also quite necessary. Check out the different must-have hiking gear that Club Factory offers.

Camping Tent

Carrying a good quality camping tent with you is a must during hiking. The tent should be strong and sturdy when assembled and should not collapse even if a strong wind blows. Make sure to buy a tent which is spacious and can be zipped from the inside for safety reasons.

Sleeping Bag

If the surroundings are safe and you don’t feel like putting in the effort of setting up a tent, then, a sleeping bag is your best option. Sleeping bags are warm and cozy, and don’t take much time or effort to set up. Use Club Factory coupons and get cashbacks on the purchase of sleeping bags.


Taking a pair of binoculars on a hike is strongly recommended because you never know when you might them. What if you sight a beautiful bird in the distance and want to take a closer look? Binoculars will come to your rescue!

Trekking Poles

It is always advised to carry a trekking pole when hiking, especially when hiking for long distances. It will be easier to hike using the trekking pole as a walking stick, so that your legs don’t get tired easily. It can also be used as a crutch, in case of any unfortunate, unforeseen injuries.

Camping Lights

It is obvious that you will need a light source to guide you when hiking at night. Camping lights like lanterns and hand-held lamps are much better than flashlights because the light coming out is much less prominent and covers a wider area. This way you won’t alarm any animals with a really bright beam of light.

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