Get Indoor Plants For Your Home From Pepperfry

Home is where the heart is. Don’t get bored of looking at the same old walls and furniture of your home. Revamp your home and get a breath of fresh air with indoor plants and accessories that Pepperfry offers!
Natural Plants

Get some green plants to keep indoors in your home as natural air purifiers. After a long tiring day at work in a polluted city, coming home to green plants will feel detoxing. Buy plants like Money plant, Ficus Compacta, Aralia, Philodendron Oxycardium and more on Pepperfry at discounted prices with Pepperfry coupon codes.
Artificial Plants

Although nothing can beat the lively atmosphere given by natural plants, artificial plants are also a good option to have at home. Cause, let’s face it, who has the time to water and take care of plants nowadays? So, just get artificial plants and pretend they’re real. Artificial plants come in different materials like plastic, rubber, polyester, fibre etc.
Artificial Grass

Turn your bedroom or living room into a beautiful artificial garden by getting artificial grass. You can get them in the form of mats, carpets and rugs. They come in different materials like PVC, polyester and plastic. Find them all on Pepperfry and use Pepperfry coupons to earn cashbacks on purchases.
Decorative Pebbles

You can beautify your plants by placing decorative pebbles in the soil or in the pot. You can use them with artificial plants too. Find a variety of natural, river and artificial pebbles of different colours and sizes on Pepperfry. They are available in stone, glass, onyx, marble and agate.
Pots and Planters

Although most of the plants on Pepperfry come with a pot, you can easily transfer the plants into other cuter pots or planters from Pepperfry. You can even go all out by decorating them with those decorative pebbles. Pepperfry offers a huge variety of pots and planters in different colours, shapes and sizes for you to choose from.
Use Pepperfry coupons to buy indoor plants and their accessories at low prices. Avail cashbacks, discounts and more using Pepperfry coupon codes. Happy redecorating!

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