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In the last week of October 2019, the National Capital Region (NCR) and the capital itself, New Delhi, woke up to a thick layer of smog and Air Quality Index (AQI) reading of 999. It stopped there because some of the scales couldn’t measure beyond 999. Yes, you read it right! Hence, Delhi/NCR had the PM 2.5 pollutant in the category of Severe Plus for the entire last week of October 2019 and first week of November 2019.

Not just NCR, many Indian cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata had AQI above 200, which also belongs to the poor category. As per the healthcare experts, such a high concentration of PM 2.5 in the air is catastrophic and can cause multiple diseases.

For the time being, you have to sort this problem on your own. And, that’s where, Flipkart has come as a saviour by providing top quality Air Purifiers at discounted rates using Flipkart coupons. Air Purifiers are important because they can help you get clean air when at home by removing various types of pollutants from the air.

Here are the top Air Purifiers available on Flipkart:


Flipkart offers five types of Air Purifiers from Dyson, each having a warranty of two years. All the Dyson air purifiers listed on Flipkart have HEPA and Activated Carbon filters to help curb air pollution and each type has a different coverage area ranging from 250sq. ft to 600 sq. ft.

Although Dyson is on the higher end of cost chain, you can use Flipkart discount code to save money and inhale clean air.


The intensive triple purification portable room air purifier from Samsung comes with a one year warranty and has a coverage area of 420 sq. ft. Existing in the price range lower than the air purifier listed above, you save even more money by using Flipkart sale today offer to avail attractive discounts.


Having an average coverage area of 645 sq. ft., Philips air purifier is suitable for a large room or hall. Flipkart offers various Philips Air Purifiers which oscillate between the higher end and lower end of the price chain depending upon the features being offered. You can now go easy on your pocket and save yourself from the dangerous PM 2.5, by availing Flipkart coupons to buy it.


The Mi Portable Air Purifier is the best one for this price range. It has a range of 452 sq. ft. which is perfectly suited for a medium-sized room. With a HEPA and Pre-Filter, it removes common allergens that are responsible for many respiratory diseases. With quick purification and powerful air suction, this air purifier is one of the best out there. Buy it now with Flipkart coupons and save on your order.

Now that you know the various air purifiers in the market, it is about time to drop whatever you are doing and shop for your and your family’s health. Check out the latest Flipkart sale today offer from and save as you breathe clean air!

Happy clean air to you!

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