Waffles are made in heaven! Biting into a perfectly made waffle is a pleasurable palate experience on its own! With eateries dedicated entirely to waffles, this breakfast item has become a popular dessert nowadays.

There are different types of waffles that can be combined with a variety of toppings to give the perfect waffle to suits one’s taste. Here are our favourite waffle places in Bengaluru available on Uber Eats:

The Belgian Waffle Co.

Cost for two: ₹300

The most popular waffle place in the country and winner of the ‘Best Waffle Brand’ title in 2018. They have 10 outlets in Bengaluru and serve lip-smacking waffles, all available on Uber Eats for delivery. Checkout their entire menu dedicated to yummy waffles and pancakes.

Popular items – Red Velvet Waffle, Nutella Waffle, Blueberry Cream Cheese Waffle

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The Waffle Press

Cost for two: ₹400

Stroop Waffles, Waffle Pops, Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches and more! They have a truly unique waffle menu. Their freshly made, crispy waffles are much popular in the city though they currently have only one outlet. Uber Eats delivers their yummy waffles to all parts of the city.

Popular items – Liege Waffle, Belgian Waffles, Salted Caramel Waffle, Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

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XO Belgian Waffle

Cost for two: ₹500

They have waffle combos and family packs to serve your whole gang! They also have XO special waffles and waffles with a variety of chocolate toppings. They have 11 outlets across the city and serve their delicacies via Uber Eats delivery as well.

Popular items – Nutella Waffle, Chocolate Overload Waffle, Blueberry Waffles

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99 Pancakes

Cost for two: ₹400

Not only they have a huge selection of pancakes, they also serve delicious waffles. Though limited in selection, all the waffles they offer are fresh and delightfully tasty. Checkout their delicacies on the Uber Eats menu.

Popular items – Oreo Thunder with Ice-cream Waffle, Chocolate Heaven Waffle

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