If you look at the evolution of headphones and audio gear, you’ll definitely see how it’s gotten smaller and more compact as the years have moved on. In the future, it’s probably just going to be as small as a chip, but we can talk about that when we get to it.

For now, the latest addition to the earphone universe is the Mivi DuoPods M20. This is a Bluetooth headset with an internal mic. This means you can listen to music and talk on the phone without any disturbances. Here are some of the cool features the earphones have.

Best Connectivity

It has a 5.0 Bluetooth connection system which will make sure there aren’t any breaks in the line. The songs will be as smooth as butter. Neither do you have to wait a long time for the setting up part. Buy the Mivi DuoPods now using Flipkart offers from CashKaro.

Sound Quality

These earbuds are engineered to provide you with the best sound and the most powerful bass you’ve probably heard before. Discover new parts in your favourite song you’ve never even heard before with these earphones. Use Flipkart coupons to buy it.

Long-Lasting Battery

Listen for up to 6 hours before you have to recharge again. And when you do, you don’t need to go run for a port. It comes with a charging case that is extremely portable. This case can provide your earphones with three full recharges before having to be charged again. Get it on the Flipkart sale today offer.


Are you a person who listens to music while you run or workout? Then these earphones are perfect. You can make the most intense movement and it won’t fall out. Imagine that. You don’t need to worry about damage from sweat or water either. So why wait, use your Flipkart offers and buy the earphones now!

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