I know, this is a less pondered about topic, but I know we’ve all seen men with their accessories, owning it. There are so many options for men, but I don’t think they actually realise it. Let’s explore some fashion accessories available for men from Shopclues.


This is one that we see commonly. A lot of guys choose to wear studs on either one or both of their ears. Some do it for religious purposes, but a lot of guys wear fashion studs. This goes very well with the ‘biker’ look. There are so many options of studds available on Shopclues. Buy them now using Shopclues offers from CashKaro.

What to buy: Sparkling Men’s Stainless Steel Black Ear Studd Gauge 7Pieces Set


In India, it is not so uncommon to see men wearing Chains. For a lot of people, it is a symbol of status to wear thick gold chains around their necks. This trend is now being replaced by people wearing silver alloy chains with shark-tooth pendants and such. Buy yours now using Shopclues Coupons.

What to buy: Silver Color Yo Yo Honey Singh Short Chain With Black Color Hip Hop Long Chain Combo


There is a varied opinion on this one. A lot of guys love to wear bracelets or wristbands. Bracelets are also often made of gold. Whichever one you prefer, there are definitely options available on Shopclues. Buy your favourites with Shopclues offer today.

What to buy: Men Style Handmade Om Leather Zinc Alloy Charm Bracelets With Lace Up Black Leather


Tons of guys wear rings on their hands. Rings for guys are usually chunky and the bands are big. Most of the time, there aren’t any rocks on it, unless it is being worn for a religious purpose or it’s a birthstone. But if that is your style, there are many options available on Shopclues. Buy now using Shopclues coupon codes and get cashback on your order.

What to buy: Red Oval Vintage Ring

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