One of the most essential parts of a pizza is Pizza Base. I mean, that’s where everything else goes, right? That being said, it is sad that not many people give it the credit it’s due. A lot don’t even realise that there are so many types of bases, each having its own flavour and group of ingredients it’s goes well with.

Here are some of the most popular types of Pizza Bases. Get them now at Pizza Hut.

Thin Crust

Some would argue that this is the original pizza base. It hails from Italy, though it is now more popular in New York City. The thin crust offers a bit of a crunchy texture to the otherwise chewy pizza. Made only in a brick oven, the thin-crust must be tried by all. Buy it now using Pizza Hit coupons from CashKaro.

Thick Base

This is the most popular in India. Most fast food places have thick bases as the default option. This type of base is incredibly soft and chewy to eat. If you’re a fan of this softer type of base, definitely order from Pizza Hut, they do it the best. Get it now using Pizza hut coupons.

Cheese Filled

Some people believe that the cheese on top of the pizza isn’t enough. Those were the same people who decided to fill the crust with cheese as well. Some types of stuffed crusts have a lot more stuffings like vegetables and meat. Indulge in the cheesy fest with Pizza Hut Offers from CashKaro.

Deep Dish

Pizza on Pizza on Pizza, that’s what the Deep dish pizza is. It can’t be picked up and taken a bite of like most other pizzas. The Deep Dish, originating in Chicago, requires a different level of commitment in order to tackle it. Sit down prepared for a heavy meal when you order this.

Sicilian Pizza

This is a square-shaped pizza with a base that’s both crunchy and soft. This type of pizza is high on the tomato sauce as opposed to cheese and comes with a variety of toppings. The square shape of the crust offers a whole different experience.

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