Ask a person who their fashion inspiration is, they will most likely cite a Bollywood celebrity. It’s natural to look up to the big screens when you’re trying to find a new style avenue. The screens are the first place we look to when and take inspiration from for new ideas.

Big events like the Met Gala and the Oscars is also a parade where a particular celebrity’s uniqueness is exhibited. There are many celebrities who start up their own brands and clothing lines. The designs in the line imitate the celebrity’s general style giving wearers the feel of wearing that celeb’s clothes.

Some popular ones are HRX by Hrithik Roshan and True Blue by Sachin Tendulkar. However, today, we’ll be looking at Bollywood’s sweetheart’s own brand – All About You by Deepika Padukone. Her brand features multiple types of clothing for women, including:

Kurta Sets

A big one for Indian women, our wardrobes cannot be completed without a proper kurta set. With no scarcity for designs and colours, Deepika’s Kurta Set edit is truly amazing. Ranging in price, designs and colours, All About You’s set will most definitely set you apart from the crowd. Buy it now with Myntra coupon codes.


What’s a nice way to finish off an outfit. To add a jacket on top! If you want to look put together, jackets are the way to go. And with Deepika’s line, there is no want for designs. You can find all types of jackets suitable for all occasions. Get yourself one with Myntra coupons.


Long, short and everything in-between, Deepika has it all. Her edits are curated taking inspiration from the actress herself. And do we really need to ask about her dressing sense? Get yourself beautiful dresses suitable for all occasions using Myntra offers.


Every girl wants to own at least one twirly skirt. All About You has you covered. Not just twirly ones, but they’ve got all types of skirts in every design and shape imaginable. If you’re not a skirt person, you will be after look at All About You’s line. Buy your twirly skirt using Myntra discount coupon.


The most basic one, but probably the one we use most, there are countless tops available from All About You. From short to long, you’ve got everything in the book and more. Buy it now with Myntra coupon codes for great discounts and cashback.


We all know Deepika rocks her Jeans looks, so we can only expect her line has awesome styles. The All About You collection has a wide range of jeans and denim pant styles for you to try out. You’ve got different colours, different waist-rises and cut styles that you can explore with All About You. Buy it now using Myntra coupon codes.

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