Fat gives things flavour.” – Julia Child

Healthy fats are gaining more popularity today. Ghee is a familiar favourite, especially among Indians. Ghee is a fat that is made by heating butter. Ghee is made of fat-soluble vitamins and other healthy fatty acids. Ghee has been used as a staple in many Indian households since ages and is considered as a powerful healing food.

Ghee is somewhat similar to clarified butter. Ghee is made by heating butter wherein milk solids and water are removed. Ghee has a tasty nutty flavour to it and has a high smoking point.

Ghee is rich in nutrients and has a plethora of health benefits.

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Ghee Price

SpecificsGhee Price
Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee – 1LRs 460
Patanjali Cow’s Ghee – 1LRs 500
Kapiva A2 Desi Ghee – 500 gRs 1200
Amorearth Desi Cow Ghee – 500 mlRs 1500
Natureland Organics Premium Cow Ghee – 400 mlRs 355

Benefits of Ghee for Hair

1. Serves as Hydrant

Ghee is rich in fatty acids that offer nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles that hydrates and restores hair health

2. Enhances Hair Texture

Apply ghee directly to the hair and scalp for smoothness and shine. Melt about a spoonful of ghee and massage it into the scalp and hair. Wash with shampoo after a few hours

3. Conditions Hair

Leave ghee overnight like oil on hair and seal the moisture with a shower cap for a deep conditioning effect

4. Hair Growth

A massage with ghee stimulates blood circulation in the scalp promoting hair growth and giving thick and long locks

Benefits of Ghee for Skin

1. Treats Dark Circles

Regular application of ghee on eyelids and under eyes every night before sleeping helps one get rid of dark circles.

2. Treats chapped and dry lips

Massage a drop of ghee on chapped lips and leave it overnight to get pink and soft lips.

3. Treats Dry Skin

Apply melted ghee on the body before the bath to restore moisture and get rid of dry skin. For the face, mix ghee with water and gently massage it onto the face. Wash the face after 15 minutes to get a smooth facial skin.

Health Benefits of Ghee

1. Treats Leaky Gut Syndrome

Ghee is abundant in fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, E and K. These vitamins are important in treating chronic conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, IBS or Crohn’s.

2. Maintains Healthy Vision

Ghee is a nourishing food which is abundant in vitamin A that helps in maintaining healthy vision.

3. Lactose and Casein Free

Some individuals have casein allergy that leads to inflammation of lips, mouth, tongue, hives and even congestion. Though ghee is a by-product of milk, it is free of casein and hence can be consumed safely by people having a milk allergy.

Similarly, lactose intolerant people can safely consume ghee as lactose gets removed during the process of making ghee through skimming and straining.

Health Benefits Attributed to Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Ghee is abundant in Conjugated Linoleic Acid that has been attributed to a myriad of health benefits. Studies have shown that CLA can prevent cancer cell formation, reducing inflammation and also reducing blood pressure.

Health Benefits Attributed to High amounts of Butyrate

Butyric acid or Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid that is responsible for maintaining gut health. Butyrate serves as a major source of energy for the colon cells and maintains healthy gut microbiome. It also sustains optimum insulin levels, addresses inflammatory issues and treats Crohn’s disease as well as ulcerative colitis.

1. Strengthens Bones

Ghee is rich in vitamin K. This vitamin is important for blood clotting, brain functioning and heart health.
Vitamin K is responsible for bone metabolism and enhances the quantities of a specific protein that maintains bone calcium. Hence consuming ghee keeps bones healthy and strong. According to a study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a reduced intake of vitamin K has been related to low bone mass density in women.

2. Aids in Weight Loss

Ghee is composed of medium chain fatty acids that enhance fat burning and eventually lead to weight loss. According to a 2015 review that comprised of 13 trials, it was found that medium chain triglycerides decreased body weight, the waist to hip ratio, amount of total fat and stomach fat when compared to long chain triglycerides.

3. Aids in Digestion

The butyrate which is a short chain fatty acid gives energy to colon cells supports stomach barrier function and reduces inflammation. Some research has also shown that Butyrate offers relief from constipation. A Polish review has claimed that butyric acid reduces pain during the passing of stools and enhances peristalsis to help move food through the digestive system.

4. Fights Inflammation

Long-term inflammation can lead to chronic disease. According to some test tube studies, the butyric acid can inhibit inflammation and prevent conditions like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even cancer.

5. Ghee in Fever

Ghee can be used in the recuperative stage after fever to restore strength and immunity

6. Treats Allergic Rhinitis

Apply a thin ghee layer on the inner wall of the nostril to combat dust allergy.

7. Promotes Healthy Pregnancy

Ghee is very nourishing and provides all the essential vitamins and minerals to the mother as well as developing a foetus. It also prevents birth problems such as vertebral or bone disorders or malnutrition.

8. Aids in Post Surgery Recovery

Cow ghee can be applied to operated sutures for quick healing.

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Properties of Ghee

  • High Smoking Point
  • Contains abundant amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin K
  • Lactose and Casein Free
  • Contains high amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and Butyric acid

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Uses of Ghee

Ghee is a versatile ingredient and has a multitude of uses

  • Cooking medium
  • Alternative to butter, vegetable oil or coconut oil
  • Good source of cholesterol
  • Acts as a flavouring agent
  • An alternative to butter to bake dishes

How to Consume Ghee

Ghee can be consumed as it is or used in a variety of ways

1. As a Cooking Medium

  • You can add dollops of ghee on Indian bread like roti and paratha
  • Add ghee to lentil soups to enhance its taste
  • Toss or sauté steamed vegetables with ghee and sea salt.
  • Melt ghee and drizzle it on vegetables before roasting

2. Ghee to Relieve Dryness

Ghee can be consumed with milk to relieve dryness of skin, voice and overall body.

3. Ghee as a Face Pack

Combine ghee with raw milk and besan to make a paste. Apply this paste on face and neck and wash it off after 20 minutes

Ghee Dosage:

One teaspoon of pure ghee three times a day can be consumed to avail all its benefits

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Side Effects

  • Indigestion and Diarrhoea
  • Obese people should avoid ghee
  • Heart patients should not consume ghee
  • People suffering from Jaundice should avoid ghee

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5 Important Questions About Ghee Answered

Is Ghee healthier than butter?

According to Ayurveda, cow ghee is the purest of all the foods. It is also known as clarified butter having enormous health benefits.

Which is the best cow desi Ghee brand in India?

Amul is the best Desi cow ghee brand in India.

Is Ghee better or oil?

Ghee is better than oil as it has enormous health, hair and skin benefits.

Is Ghee good for diabetics?

Diabetes cannot be cured completely, however ghee is a considered to be better than oil for diabetic patients.

Is there any difference between cow Ghee and buffalo Ghee? If yes which one is better?

Yes, cow ghee and buffalo ghee are different. Buffalo ghee is considered to be better than cow ghee as it has a lower cholesterol levels and can be preserved for longer periods.

Where to Buy

You can buy Grofers coupons and Amazon India coupons to save money while buying pure ghee.

Best Brands that Sell Ghee

  • Amul
  • Gowardhan
  • Nandini

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