Frustrated about hardened stools? Well, Ghee is something that can help you release the symptoms of constipation. Constipation is generally distinguished from other ailments on the basis of severity of stomach pain, gastritis and stomach bloating that interferes in your daily routine. However, ghee works wonders on the stomach and helps improve the bowel movement, thus eliminating the symptoms associated with constipation. In fact, a research conducted at the National Botanical Research Institute found that ghee is one of the best natural remedies for constipation. Read on to find out how ghee helps in getting rid of constipation.

Benefits of Ghee for Constipation

1. Flushes out waste

Ghee works as a lubricator for your intestines and helps flush out waste and toxins that gets accumulated in the bowel. Once intestinal clogging is cleared, you get an instant relief from constipation and its symptoms.

2. Reduces acidity

Ghee, which is basic in nature and can be found in every house very easily, can neutralize the acids present in the intestines and stomach due to the accumulation of waste, thus giving you an instant relief from acidity and stomach pain.

3. Softens stools

Ghee softens and dissolves the hardened faecal matter that is stuck in the intestines, helping accumulated stool to pass easily.

4. Acts as a Lubricator

The greasy properties of ghee can help pass stools easily as it acts as a lubricator for the intestines. This helps avoid the more severe symptoms of constipation such as haemorrhoids and bleeding through the anus.

How to Take

Add 2 tablespoons of ghee to hot water and drink it. This concoction will help flush out the toxins and dissolve hard faeces from your intestines.

You can also add gee to hot milk and drink the mixture before going to sleep.

Expert Tips While Taking Ghee for Constipation

According to Dr. Bhavi Mody of Vrudhi Holistic Health, Mumbai, ‘Ghee has its own benefits and can help in a number of ways. In general, we advise four spoons of fat intake throughout the day.’

  • For best results, make sure you take ghee and water/milk on an empty stomach.
  • Follow the regular consumption of ghee to cure constipation for a maximum of one month.
  • In case you do not get relief from constipation even after a month of using ghee, make sure you visit your doctor at the earliest possible.

In some cases, constipation can or cannot be the underlying symptom for several diseases. Ensure that you consult with your doctor before adding Ghee to your diet.

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