Pregnancy is an important phase in your life. You may be advised by many people on what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. There are many people who love the flavour of ginger in their food or tea. If you are one of them and wondering whether it is safe to consume ginger during pregnancy then you are at the right place. Ginger is a miraculous herb and offers amazing benefits. Read on to know more about ginger and its benefits during pregnancy.

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Is It safe to have Ginger during Pregnancy?

Ideally, ginger should be taken in a limited quantity. Many nutritionists suggest using only 1 gram per day. You can take it in the form of fresh and dried root, tea, or in bread. High dose of ginger can lead to gastritis, diarrhoea, and heartburn during pregnancy.

Benefits of Taking Ginger during Pregnancy:

1. Reduces Morning Sickness

Ginger is very effective in reducing nausea during pregnancy. Gingerols is an active ingredient that give the herb its spiciness and has the same effect as vitamin B6.

2. Improves Digestion

Digestion is a lot slower during pregnancy which  always keeps you feeling  full. Ginger has been found to speed up gastric emptying or the passage of from the stomach to the small intestine. Moreover, ginger is also considered a natural remedy for heartburn.

3. Proper Blood Supply

Ginger is very useful when it comes to proper blood circulation. Nutritionists recommend opting for ginger as it is a natural option in this regard. An adequate consumption of ginger can help in supplying required amount of blood to the fetus for healthy development.

4. Does Not Cause Miscarriage or Birth Defects

There is are no scientific evidences to prove it, but a large population-based study has concluded that eating ginger does not seem to increase the risk of congenital malformations. Ginger should be taken in a limited quantity less than 1mg that too after consulting your doctor.

Ways to Use Ginger during Pregnancy

Ginger can be consumed in various forms. One can easily including ginger in his or her diet. Following are the ways to use Ginger during pregnancy.

  • Ginger in Tea
  • Ginger with Bread
  • Ginger in food as a flavouring agent

Expert Tips

High doses of ginger like more than 1 or 2 grams a day can increase the chances of heartburn. So, it is advised to consume a limited amount of ginger. Up to 1gm of ginger is safe during pregnancy. If ginger is consumed more than 2 grams it can cause significant problems such as gastritis, stomach upset, diarrhea, mouth irritation, and heartburn. It might also cause irregular heartbeats.

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