Glassware Brands On BigBasket

Glassware brands on Big Basket

Nothing feels better than drinking a chilled drink in a nice big glass cup. You’ve got to agree with me that drinking cold water from a glass hits differently from a plastic or metal utensil. The single biggest problem with handling glass is that it’s extremely fragile and is a nightmare to use for people with butterfingers.

This shouldn’t stop you from using glass though. It’s extremely easy to clean and with improvements today, they’ve managed to make unbreakable glass as well. (I pledge to find a way to break those as well) Let’s take a look at the glassware available on BigBasket. They’ve miraculously managed to find a way to delivery glass without breaking it in the process.


This brand was started way back in 1915. Yes, you read that right. They make low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass for both lab and kitchen purposes. They make really cool baking dishes and accessories. It is thermally treated, making it perfect for use in high heat. Use our BigBasket coupons to get it!


Treo makes microwaveable glassware in all shapes and sizes. Available at very affordable rates, Treo is the best option for serving platters and dishes. Their drinking glasses also come in shapes appropriate for just about any drink. Buy yours now using BigBasket coupons.


Containers, Baking Dishes, Drinking Glass – Cello has got it all. With extra toughness, Cello glass is hard to break, meaning you can use it as the perfect mixing bowl. You can also find glass containers from Cello which locks in the freshness of whatever you put in there. Buy it now with BigBasket coupon codes.


Glass Decor? Iveo’s got it. Not just that, they also have drinking glasses and microwave safe containers amongst other things. Your Iveo set will last you a long while, retaining the polish and newness from day 1! It also happens to be the perfect gift to give. Get it now with BigBasket voucher codes.

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