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In our fast paced urban lifestyle, most of us fail to acquire sufficient nutrient content from our diets. Hence it is important to wisely choose what you eat. Most of the damage lies in our mid-mealtime snacks. Even if you have balanced meals, unhealthy snacks can lead to unwanted fat and sugar consumption. Incorporating nutrient content in all your meals and snacks is vital to ensure sufficient protein intake as required in your diet.

Biscuits are one of the most favourite Indian snacks. All the same biscuits contain maida, sugar, fat and several other ingredients than can have a negative impact on the long run. Even your regular biscuits can be replaced with protein rich alternatives for healthier snack times.

Why protein?

Protein is an important building component in bones, muscles, cartilages, skin, and blood. They help build strength in your muscles, repair damage in tissues, heal wounds, regulate hormones and enzymes, and help your body fight diseases by producing antibodies. Some of the common protein sources include eggs, milk, fish, meat, soy, tofu, legumes, and nuts.

Have a look at the protein biscuits available on Amazon Pantry that are a healthier replacement to regular biscuits as evening snacks:

Sunfeast Farmlite Active Protein Power Sattu Cardamom Biscuits

Sunfeast has been a favourite among Indian households since its inception. Sunfeast Farmlite Active Protein Power is a protein rich biscuit made from roasted Bengal gram that helps sustain energy and fight fatigue or tiredness.

Sofit Protein Cookies, Raisins and Flax Seeds

Sofit is a health oriented brand wing of Hershey’s. Its cookies contain protein, Omega-3, and fibre. It is made from multi-grains like wheat, soy and oats and is free from trans-fats and maida, along with 25% less sugar content.

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Britannia NutriChoice Digestives 5 Grain

Btitannia NutriChoice Digestive contains the goodness of 5 grains including wheat, corn, rice, oats and ragi, along with honey. It helps control bad cholesterol, and provides calcium, fibre and a daily dose of energy.

Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits Pro Health Vitamins Chocolate

This one is perfect for the young ones who simply refuse those healthy bites. Though not nutrient oriented, these crunchy chocolaty cookies are healthier than their creamy counterparts and provide for sufficient protein, calcium and other nutrients.

UNIBIC Oat Meal Cookies

Unibic has a range of healthy cookies. UNIBIC Oat Meal Cookies contain rolled oats, soy, milk, and wheat bran. It is a perfect evening snack and can be even supplemented as breakfast snack when you are running late. Also try Unibic Multigrain Breakfast Cookies available on Amazon Pantry.

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