Go Walnuts! Your Stomach Will Thank You


A healthy digestive tract can help you get rid of several ailments and disorders. The wonder nut walnut has a lot of digestion related benefits. It can help improve your diet and also provide the necessary nutrients. Here is a look at how walnuts can impact your digestion!

  • A diet that includes walnuts can cause an increase in bacteria that is beneficial for the guts. These include Lactobacillus, Roseburia and Ruminococcaceae.
  • These gut microbes keep the digestive system healthy. Walnut acts like a probiotic and helps these bacteria to nourish.
  • If these microbe levels go down, there can be a lot of disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease. Risk of obesity also goes up.
  • Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3 fatty acids (about 2.5 grams in a 28 gram serving), proteins (about 4 grams in a 28 gram serving) and fibre (about 2 grams in a 28 gram serving). All of these, specially fibres are required to keep the bowels functioning correctly.

Walnuts come with a lot of benefits and can also prevent digestive ailments. Make your digestion healthier today! Start including walnuts in your daily diet and see the effects!

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