Wireless Bluetooth Devices

The rapidly advancing technology has given us a lot to cheer about with many useful gadgets and accessories. Some of them are extremely useful and beneficial that they have become a part of our everyday lives. However, as with the saying ‘with everything good comes something bad’, there is a little something we hope these gadgets don’t come with.

Yes, we are talking about wires. Some here, some there and some everywhere. You know what it takes when you want to listen to songs on your laptop while charging it and at the same time transferring files from your smartphone. You need devices but more than that, you need wires.

What if you can plug out and throw those tangly, ‘be everywhere’ wires and enjoy a wireless experience. Of course, you can. These 6 Bluetooth devices will make your life much easier and much more manageable.

1. Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

You must own them. No second thoughts. After all, you’re with your laptop for most part of the day and simply cannot use a super-restrictive touch pad to move your pointer around. A mouse gives you more flexibility and ease of movement. We’re talking about the ones which don’t come with wires. Simply plug in the nano receiver that comes with the Bluetooth mouse and your little companion is good to go. No more tossing and turning of wires around!

2. Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Devices

Love music? You definitely need them. Remember those lovely instances when you were with headphones and your favourite music on and suddenly got up for something? Ouch! You were putting yourself and your gadgets at risk. Never anymore. Wander anywhere, move and groove to the beat with wireless headphones.

3. Bluetooth Fitness Bands

Fitness Bands

It’s time to take back health into your hands. With Bluetooth Fitness Bands you can track your every move and set goals for a healthier life. Wear the band, sync it with your phone and say hello to health! The fitness band tracks the number of steps you take, the amount of calories you burn and the hours of good sleep you get. What more? It wakes you up from sleep and gives call notifications, all with a gentle little vibration.

4. Bluetooth Keyboards

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

If your laptop is one of those types that gets heated a lot after a little usage, you would love to keep your hands off it. But how could you when you have to use the keyboard to type a document or search for something. Simple solution – Get a Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. You don’t have to worry about getting your palms hot and focus on getting the job done!

5. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Sometimes all you want to do is completely unwind, with music in the background and no headphones or wires to disturb you. Bluetooth Speakers is what you need for such heavenly experiences. Carry them with you and listen to crystal clear, loud and booming music anytime and anywhere you want.

6. Bluetooth Lights

Bluetooth Lights

Using a switch to turn lights off and on is too mainstream. Why not use a smartphone for the same? After all, you use your phone for almost everything. Get a Bluetooth LED light and use only your smartphone to control it. You can do a lot more than you think with your new Bluetooth-controlled light. Set scheduled on and off times, switch color modes and use music mode to automatically switch colors matching the rhythm.

Loved them? Go, Grab ’em!

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