GoDaddy Customer Care Numbers: GoDaddy Toll Free Helpline, Enquiry, Contact, Complaint Number

Find GoDaddy Customer Care Number, Toll Free Helpline Number, Enquiry Number, Contact, Number and Complaint Number. GoDaddy is the worlds largest domain name register. It boasts of having about 18 million registered customers. It is known for its advertising on TV and newspapers. As of date it has around 77M domains on management. Get all your domain related queries resolved by calling Godaddy’s customer care numbers.

GoDaddy Customer Care Numbers: GoDaddy Toll Free Helpline, Enquiry, Contact, Complaint Number

GoDaddy Customer Care Details GoDaddy Customer Care Number
GoDaddy Customer Care Number 040-67607600 (GoDaddy Customer Care No.)
GoDaddy Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800 121 0111 (GoDaddy Toll Free Number)
GoDaddy Customer Care Helpline Number 040-67607600 (GoDaddy Helpline Number)
GoDaddy Customer Care Enquiry Number 91-40-67607600 (GoDaddy Enquiry Number)
GoDaddy Customer Care Complaint Number 040 49187600 (GoDaddy Complaint Number)
GoDaddy Customer Care Contact Number 1 480 505 8877 (GoDaddy Contact Number) (USA)
GoDaddy Customer Support Email Id (GoDaddy Customer Service ID)


Online Complaint: GoDaddy Customer Support Online

  1. Logon to and follow this link :
  2. A Godaddy help page will open having several category tabs such as Domains, Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting etc.
  3. Click on the category tab which comes close to your query to further specify and address your issue at hand.
  4. Below is a screenshot of the Godaddy’s online support page for your reference. 

Godaddy help

GoDaddy Customer Care Numbers – FAQ’s

What is a GoDaddy Helpline Number?

GoDaddy Helpline Number is an award-winning service that provides customers with guidance.

What is a GoDaddy Toll Free Number?

GoDaddy Toll Free Numbers are reachable 24*7 and are free of charge numbers solving customer queries.

What is the difference between GoDaddy Contact Number & GoDaddy Enquiry Number?

GoDaddy Contact Numbers connect the users to the main offices in the USA. GoDaddy Enquiry Numbers help customers and domain users with queries.

How effective are GoDaddy Complaint Numbers?

GoDaddy Complaint Number have won many awards and accolades for its services. They are entirely reliable.

Can I Call GoDaddy Customer Care Numbers at night?

Yes, GoDaddy Customer Care Numbers can be accessed at night.

What are the timings for GoDaddy Customer Care Toll Free Numbers?

GoDaddy Customer Care Toll Free Numbers are available 24*7

Are GoDaddy Helpline Numbers reachable all days of the week?

Yes, GoDaddy Helpline Numbers are reachable on all days of the week.

Are GoDaddy Customer Care Services Available in India?

Yes, GoDaddy Customer Care services are available in India. Please refer the table above for more information.

Where can I find answers related to my domain?

Queries related to Domains are available on the “help” tab on the GoDaddy website.

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