GoDaddy Review: The Wizard Of Online Domains

GoDaddy Review: The Wizard Of Online Domains

GoDaddy Inc. is an American web hosting company and a public traded internet domain registrar. With 18 million customers worldwide and 77 million domain names under its management, it powers the world’s largest cloud platform. It gives an opportunity to small businesses and independent ventures to build their professional website and manage their work. It is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What Makes GoDaddy Standout?

GoDaddy offers various site management tools and local web designers to give you a full-fledged advanced site. It helps you get a domain name which becomes your first brand that comes into being. It gives the chance to promote your location and get more traffic in order to make your business a success. It also provides absolute web security which prevents any malicious activity that can happen with your website.

Products/ Special Services By GoDaddy

GoDaddy brings comprehensive and wide services for its client base globally.

  • Finding a Domain Name – GoDaddy gives you innumerable choices when it comes to domain names. Along with registering the name you like, it helps you take control, promote your site and protect your rights. Various other services include Domain Transfer, Domain Auction, Domain Value Appraisal, Domain Investing and many more.
  • Building Your Own Website – GoDaddy offers DIY tools like Website Builder, Managed WordPress and Online Store to build your own website, make it more advanced and to sell your products online. You can also hire experts to help you get the perfect site.
  • WordPress – GoDaddy gives you personal and professional WordPress Hosting and WordPress Themes along with Site Management Tools and Expert Services.
  • Web Hosting – The company offers reliable plans for every need and helps you make your site visible on the web. It also provides VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers to get you set up in minutes.
  • Web Security – GoDaddy provides services to protect your site from viruses, hackers and identity thieves.
  • Online Marketing – With Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and other promotional tools, GoDaddy helps your business get attention from customers and attracts them to keep coming back.
  • Email and Office – GoDaddy helps you get a professional email and is powered by Microsoft Office to seamlessly create, edit, store and share documents online.

Available As

GoDaddy Website & GoDaddy App

GoDaddy App Review

GoDaddy is an ideal one-stop online store to materialize your idea online and make it grow. It provides all the tools needed to achieve success online. Buying domain names and managing the website can be done very easily from your phone through the GoDaddy app.

GoDaddy can be downloaded from Play Store and is sized at 11 MB with a rating of 3.8. On App Store, it has a rating of 4.2 with 31.5 MB size.

Countries Of Operation

GoDaddy operates worldwide excluding China due to the high amount of personal information required to register in that country. 

My Experience With GoDaddy

I’ve had a good experience with GoDaddy. For a small business of mine, they seemed to have a lot of services and complementary products. In fact, page speed and uptime were quite commendable. Even though the pricing is a bit steep, it is worth the value. I upgraded eventually for more benefits. I’ve been happy with the company.



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