There is an 80 percentage chance that the first thing you do when you open your browser is to search for something on Google.

The largest and the most popular search engine in the world has revolutionized the way we search for and consume information on the internet. With over 2.5 million searches per second, Google makes up for close to two-thirds of all searches across search engines.

Google Logo

While the popularity of ‘Google Search’ is certain and undeniable, not many have an idea of how truly powerful it can be.

Here are 10 amazing Google Search Hacks that will guaranteed blow your mind!

1. Search for Exact Phrases

You remember that you read a fantastic article on the internet somewhere but you forgot where and now you are too lazy to go through the internet history to get the exact link. Works out that Google has a solution for this.

If you remember a phrase or line from the text you read, you can use exact phrase match on Google to get the result you are looking for.

Type your phrase inside double quotations and search:
Ex. 13 Google Chrome hacks

2. Search from a Specific Domain

Don’t like the UX of a particular domain or unable to find that search bar on your favourite website? Using this hack, you can use Google to search for specific content just from a single domain.

Simply include the operator before or after your keywords to search for your favorite topics.

Ex: “Site: ad grants“.

Google search hacks site colon

3. Compare Foods with the ‘vs’ Operator

Health conscious? Would you love to know which food would be a better option for dinner? Simply Google your choices with the vs operator separating your two food choices. The search engine instantly compares the nutritional values of these two foods.

4. Search by File Type

Looking for a sample project file to download in a specific format for reference? Or looking for a free e-book in a particular format?

Whatever your need be, Google has a solution for it.

Use the filetype: operator to specify Google the type of document you are looking for and the search engine will only list the pages with these document types.

Ex. “filetype:pdf hostgator

5. Find Pages that Link to another URL

This can be a really important search hack for SEO professionals. You can find all the pages that link to a particular URL using the link: operator. It is very useful when you are searching for backlinks to a specific page.

Google Find Pages that Link to another URL

6. Search Images with Images

Ever come across an image of a person or place that looks exactly similar to the one you have seen before? Match images with images and get more information on them with the Google Image search feature.

Google Search Images Using Images

7. Number Range Searches

Searching within number ranges is easy on Google. Simply use two dots between the numbers to mention your range and Google does the rest for you.

For example, type in Fashion icons 1920..1930 to get the result for fashion trendsetters who set trends during this period.

Similarly, you can look for cars or bikes from different eras by including the range search from Google.

Google Number Range Searches

8. Exclude Terms in Search

Choose to exclude terms in your search results by using the minus sign (-) before the terms you want to exclude. For example, if you are looking for search results relating to pepper but do not want to include spices in the results, then search as “pepper -spice” to get the desired output.

Google Exclude Terms Search

9. Find Everything Near You

Get information on everything you need to find near you with the ‘Near Me’ feature on Google search. Simply type in ‘ATM near me’ to get information on all ATM centers located near you. You can also look for restaurants, ice cream parlors, petrol bunks and more present near your location.

Google Near Me Search

10. Read Newspapers Dating Back to Hundreds of Years

Put your research glasses on when you are looking for extensive information on a particular incident or event with Google News. The archive section of Google News is your key to read history in detail with newspapers dating back to hundreds of years preserved digitally.

Google News Archive

It’s time to Google! 😀

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