Google Tango and Daydream

For quite some time now, we have come to an understanding that Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing. But suddenly and out of the blue has come another giant which blurs the line between virtuality and reality. Augmented Reality (AR) has taken off in a huge way and seems poised to be one of the biggest tech developments in the coming years.

Google takes us on a journey where there are crazy and endless possibilities of an integration between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Google Tango

Google Tango

The Tango project represents Google’s love for disrupting the technology space with innovation and creativity. Google Tango is an augmented reality research sphere with mind-blowing possibilities.

The head of the Tango team, Johnny Lee revealed the possibilities of the project and it looks outright tremendous.

Here’s all that you can do with Google Tango.

1. Try on Apparels and Accessories from Online Shopping Sites Right on Your Phone

Google Tango Clothes Try On

Get the perfect fitting clothes without ever going through the hassle of trying it on physically and returning back when it is not the exact fit. Google Tango lets you know accurately how clothes would look and fit on you.

2. Visualize Objects Anywhere, Everywhere

Google Tango Furniture

Google Tango lets you position and visualize virtual objects in the real world. This is extremely useful in instances when you are buying furniture/home decor products and want to see how they fit in your home.

3. Real-World Navigation 

Google Tango Navigation

Google Tango lets you navigate in the real world to almost any place. There are blue dots which guide you to your destination. All you need is your phone to add virtual directions and navigation to the end location.

Google Tango Outdoor Navigation

You can also navigate your way around a supermarket or mall to the exact location of the product you are looking to buy. This is a real life saver at times when you are short on time.

Google Daydream

Google Daydream

Daydream is Google’s VR project to take you in the amazing world of Virtual Reality. Everything you see here doesn’t exist in reality but you are drawn so powerfully to it that you become a part of this new world.

1. Immerse Yourself into a New World with the Daydream VR Headset

Google Daydream VR

The lightweight and comfortable Daydream VR headset is paired with a controller which helps you dive into a new world of virtual reality. You can enjoy movies and games in a world of your own.

2. Explore the World like Never Before

Google Daydream Taj Mahal

Travel through space, get front row seats to watching the wonders of the world and explore far away cities from your home with Google Daydream. Put on the VR headset and get ready to visit famous museums, other planets and the world beyond.

Google Daydream Streetview

You can also turn on the Street View mode to get up close to almost any building or monument on earth.

Now, these two amazing futuristic technologies are coming together wrapped into one device. The Asus Zenfone AR is the first smartphone to have both Google Tango and Daydream compatibility.

See for yourself how exciting the future looks 😀

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