Govt to regulate cab aggregators

The transport secretary, Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, recently stressed on a policy draft sent to the law department for approval which would further be sent to the cabinet. Under this policy, the government will monitor taxi aggregator services like Ola.  Taxi services, as of now, as based on the concept of ownership of vehicles and attachment of drivers to some company or aggregator, but, aggregators like Ola, neither own vehicles nor employ drivers. This puts them outside the Motor Vehicle Act. This policy aims to make aggregator companies more responsible for their services while monitoring their functioning by ensuring every taxi provider is registered with the government. Agarwal also mentioned that this act will provide healthy growth of the taxi industry in Bihar, will ensure safety and help in reducing congestion and pollution in the cities. The transport department also aims to fix the rate the taxi provider can charge with some relief to the taxi service during peak and lean hours. Only big, app-based companies will come under this regulation and bike taxi services will also be promoted in the state.

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