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Beards are a man’s pride. Though the stereotypes of beard being the icon of manliness have long gone, men still love to grow long manes and groom them with great care. And indeed, if you do sport a beard, you should definitely take good care of it.

This is a quick guide for all the beard lovers out there. Here we have for you a list of must have beard grooming essentials you can shop from BigBasket:

Beard Oil

This is a must have for all beard lovers. The benefits of a good beard oil are numerous and it is one of the key products that enhance the overall health of your beard. There are different types of beard oils including growth oils, nourishing oils, or those with targeted benefits life prevention of beardruff (beard dandruff) or itchiness. It not only improves the quality of your beard but nurtures your skin as well. Get a good organic beard oil with a soothing fragrance to pamper yourself.

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Beard Wash

To keep your beard healthy and clean, you need to wash it with a good quality beard shampoo or beard wash which will help you get rid of the adverse effects of dust and pollution. Most beard washes are targeted towards the improvement of facial hair quality and treatment for damaged hair. It is important to use a beard wash/shampoo instead of a regular soap or shampoo so as to tend to the sensitive skin bellow your beard. Beard washes help remove any dirt or contaminants trapped in your long beard.

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Beard Balm

Beard balm is needed to provide your beard its required nourishment. It reduces any sort of discomfort on the skin or itchy feeling due to the growth of facial hair. It helps replenish, moisturize and hydrate the skin, in order to keep it soft and supple.

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Beard Comb

If you think you can tame your facial hair with your regular hair comb, we would advise you against it. For your beard you need rounded, short toothed beard combs. Choose the material of the comb according to your preference. Choosing the comb teeth spacing according to your beard type is very important (wide / fine teeth). The combs can also be used to spread balms and oils evenly through your beard.

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Beard Cream

Beard creams are used to soften your beards and keep it free from frizz. They also help in locking moisture into the beard to keep it smooth for long hours. Get a beard cream with a pleasant fragrance to feel fresh the whole day.

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BigBasket has products for those of you who badly wish to grow a beard as well. There are beard growth serums, beard growth oils and more from top brands, available in the ‘Men’s Grooming’ section of BigBasket.

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