Much like any person, dogs also require an arsenal of products to keep them healthy and happy. From their coat, to their nails, dogs too need products to keep them feeling and looking great.

Ever wonder what grooming products are necessary for your dog? Well, read on to find out all the grooming products your dog needs.

Brushes and Combs

There is a vast range of brushes and combs available for dogs. A dogs brush must match their breed and size. Here are some examples:

  • A Pomeranian might need a comb while a Labrador would need a brush
  • Rake combs are suggested for dogs with long and thick hair that needs to be untangled regularly
  • Bristle brushes are for dogs with short and medium length hair
  • A double-sided comb makes it easier to untangle your dogs hair using one side, and brush using the other
  • Special flea combs are also available to help your dogs fight off those nasty bugs and their eggs
  • A slicker brush can be used on wet hair too and is most suitable for dogs with long hair that are prone to getting tangled


This product helps your dog smell fresh as ever, even after a run in the rain. These deodorants are made with ingredients like neem, aloe vera etc. to make sure the odor is not treated with chemicals. The ideal pet deodorizer should fight the foul smell whilst protecting your dogs sensitive skin.

Bath Hand Glove

The bath hand glove makes bathing your dog easier than ever. The glove can be used while bathing your dog to remove dead hair and gently massage their skin. These gloves also comes in handy when you are styling your dog.

Nail Clippers and Nail Files

Having long nails can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Treat them like royalty and give them paw-dicures regularly. The nail files and clippers are specially designed for their thick nails. These products are available in various sizes and strengths depending on the size of the dog.

Shampoos and Conditioners

The variety of shampoos and conditioners for dogs is at par with humans. Now give your dog the gentlest and the best, be it antibacterial shampoo or extra conditioning hair product. These products target fur disinfection, flea and tick removal, coat colour enhancement and other areas.

Dry Bathing Products

Ever wanted to bathe your dog but realized you only bathed them a couple of days ago? Now pamper you dogs with products like dry bath cleansers to clean them quickly when it’s not bath time yet.

Mouth Freshener

Want a cuddle but your dog still smells like their last meal? Use herbal mouth fresheners with ingredients like neem to fight the smell and oral infections.

Tick Solutions

Ticks are your dog’s worst enemy. Help your dog be more at ease by using tick solutions in the form of soaps, collars, powder and sprays.


Don’t forget that like you, your dogs ears need cleaning too. Use wipes to gently clean out their ears.

Buying Grooming Products For Your Dogs

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